Steam will also use mobile streaming devices

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It is time for the next step in the evolution of gaming!
Almost every manufacturer in the gaming industry has, in one way or another, managed to stream its services to different devices. This is the story with Nintendo Wii U, then followed by Sony and the option to stream some titles to Vita, and Microsoft offered the same option from a personal computer to Xbox. So far, Steam Link has been offering to stream to a variety of devices, but it is likely to extend the footstep with an even better bid. From May 21, gamers will be able to use the games library on their Android devices (tablets, phones, and even TVs) as well as on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. The support of different controllers for both platforms is guaranteed by the vendor. The application of any device will be able to detect the installation of Steam for Mac, PC, Linux and SteamOS and will be able to support controllers via USB, Bluetooth or other connectivity options. The mobile options will be greeted quite positively by the gaming world, which has long sought to break the chains of home experiences. Let's not forget what evolution was from the first LAN parties to the dawn of the internet and networking.

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So excited for this. Also Steam stopped taking bitcoin but you can just buy the game codes off newegg with bitcoin for Steam. Glad to see you keep posting!!!!