Helping those people who are not earning well on steemit...

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Hi, I am Jitendra Gautam. My reputation is 61.9 and I am helping those people who are not earning well on steemit. I was already read your post. I found some mistake in your posts. Now I want to tell you. What you do have to improve in your post.

  1. You have to study your topic and write a deep explained post.
  2. Write unique content... My means is that if you do copy paste work then you should not get upvotes and if you write unique content then people read your content.
  3. Increase your reputation... Join Fb groups and Whatsapp groups of steemit for more upvotes if once you get high reputed upvotes then soon your reputation will increase rapidly.
  4. Use 2 images... If you use 2 attractive images then the peoples attract towards your post and read your content...
  5. Increase your followers... If you once increase your follower then you get automatically upvotes on your post.

If you think that this comment is useful for you then follow @jkgautam75 and Join our community and get 200+ upvotes on each post...

Thanks for sticking with me through thick and thin!.png

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I have instest to join what can l do. Am @oyin


Link is given above click on link and join our community

Are you not on discord


Yes, But why


I mean the community ....i want to join


Im new on steemit and i need help

Hi....i really need support @mhideyh..
Thanks a bunch!


I followed u @mhidehy kindky follow back n upvote


Join my community


Done that already

Wow. Nicee

Hiii everyone comment your name for upvotes


My name is kunle !

yes i follow u .

Nice one, pls. How can i join steemit whatsapp group?

Sir I have already joint your community pl try to give me Upvots

@jkgautam75 kindly start youtube channel if possible as early and give some guidence so people will come and bound with each other and they all can grow

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