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There is a competition between profitability of Steem services for delegating STEEM POWER to them. The annual percentage return can hit over 10%! This is far better than banks give us in real world. Curious what are the STEEM and SBD earnings from a loan? I have prepared simple website in a form of comparison datatable. In the spirit of FLOSS of course <3


The table shows a list of services that specified account delegates to. There are SBD and STEEM numbers if any payments came back. Alongside with datetimes we know how long the delegation lasts. Trophy images indicates the best services out there 'at ichi'. Try out Your username!

Current delegations for @wefund account


Process is simple:

  1. Gather account data and global properties from the Steem blockchain. The most important here are getAccountHistoryAsync() and getVestingDelegationsAsync() calls. Have to build history from whole account 'transfer' transactions.
  2. Retrieve latest SBD and STEEM prices. They are taken from API.*&tsym=USD&limit=14
  3. Throw all the data combined in a nice visual form.

Full formula contains of token earnings multiplied by price rate and divided by delegated STEEM POWER. It is combined with days delegated in the past to full year. Estimated result is pecentage annual return rate.

Annual percentage return formula

GitHub Pages

Steem-apr is not a web application! Its functionality is similar to eg. SteemDesk, however Steem-apr is as light as possible. It is pure HTML + Javascript without any backend server needed. All data is gathered from Steem API nodes then calculated locally.
Anyone can download ZIP package (or git clone)

and just open the site in local browser. This is why it is possible to host Steem-apr as GitHub Pages also. 100% trustness and verification.

Find out account delegatees

As side effect the tool turned out to be handy viewer what are the delegatees of specified account. Delegated SP are shown with exact date times when the delegation started till now.
Best example of usage is misterdelegation Steem account. It is a user who supports one of the biggest dApps in the blockchain. As we can see he delegates to 21 projects right now. The list is interesting ;)


The idea and request for Steem-apr website came from one of the Steem delegation invest services. He wanted to find out what is the competition over there. Project is partially based on stopped-working functionality. This website will be a verification tool to improve delegation services and a basis for a new Steem-apr features.


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Thank you for your contribution. A great contribution and it will be very useful for people who want to try and delegate to different bots. I really like that you are using HTML and JavaScript and deployed it to GitHub Pages.

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Thank you for your review, @codingdefined!

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I thought you were a bot. lol

@cardboard sent a PR which I just merged. SteemDesk is working now.

And thanks for the disclaimer that the project is based on SteemDesk.

Looking at Steem-apr more closely it seems like it suffers from the same miscalculations as SteemDesk. SteemDesk takes all payments into account, even those which do not come in as a return for the initial investment. This calculation results in wrong APR reports.

This is something I wanted to fix in SteemDesk for a long time. Unfortunately, I currently do not have the time to work on SteemDesk.


takes all payments into account, even those which do not come in as a return for the initial investment

Agree, the transactions should be filtered separately but it is difficult job (template for each service is needed). I believe our simplification is enough to estimate revenue.


Yes, it is a lot of work, but it would be useful to have filters that could be applied by the user for example.


I'm gonna need to check if @wefund or @lavater receive any transfers from the services that are not payouts. Maybe I can help here somehow.

Sweet :D Now, I need to know why @estabond started to pay @wefund almost 1 SBD daily for a 160 SP delegation :D

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Thank you for the upvote on my sky diving video :-)

Thanks for the upvote on my sky diving video

That was a tup one.

Hi @mys, I put an order to sell my monster card(Level 6 Earth Elemental) wrongly for the price 0.1 dollar. That is a price per one but I should have put around 6 dollar around. English is not my main language so I made mistake. Would it be possible to get my card back please? I tried cancel my order but you already bought them. Thanks.


Hey, DM me at Steem Monsters Discord and we talk

I like your work. But it seems to be some problems I hope you can fix.

  1. Some bots don't pay at the first day delegated, so it may cause some difference in comparison.
  2. This program count the refund of smartsteem as the profit, thus cause a ridiculous result.