My first anniversary in Steemit

6개월 전

Dear friends

today is my first anniversary on Steemit and I would like to share it with you, my friends.

When I joined, I was not making normal activity as post writer, but I was just promoting a promising project named Tradingene.

After they left platform and loose as usual over 10 times the coin value after ICO, I got disappointed and I left Steemit too.

Only 2 months ago I got an invite to join a new dapps connected with Steem and I decided to start to play on them, but due to my low RC it was impossible to do anything.

Luckly I got to be a member of the wonderful @steem-bounty community and so thanks to @knircky I got the needed help and now I can say to be an active member of Steemit.

For this anniversary, the game which let me to come back to Steemit, @drugwars are giving me a present letting me to buy more high level of storage, in order to grown more quickly, but they did it for all or it is just an anniversary present?

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Congrats on your 1 year anniversary!

1st birthday happy birthday
This is a great blogging platform
You should use more

Since you like Drugwars may I also link you to The cards could end up being like the Pokemon cards in the future: Maybe not the same values. But there is potential. is a nice place if you like dice games. But don't play too much :)

Yeeeee! Felicidades! Ansio poder lograr mi primer aniversario.
Pero mientras, celebremos el tuyo! Jejeje

Happy anniversary!! Regarding your question, it seems @drugwars gave this present once for all users, because i managed too to upgrade my storages in better way than before, but unfortunately it works at once, so now again to develop storage are needed much more resources...

Happy belated Anniversary. I equally became inactive after I lost the keys to my previous account and almost gave up starting all over but I am happy I did.

Just like you, some people are on the platform due to games like Steem Monsters, Drugwars and others because of dapps like Actifit and Steemhunt. I hope we can have more of these interesting dApps to promote mass adoption of Steem.

It is indeed a wonderful gift that you have received from @drugwars. We are also grateful that we also received the same as well. Lol

Anyway, congratulations to your anniversary in steemit community. I wonder how it feels when having to experience it. I just recently been introduced to steemit and I really enjoyed it. I started playing drugwars, and slowly, tried some other dapps including steem-bounty. It really inspires you to engage with other members and dedicate some of your time. It is really great being part of the steemit community. I am looking forward to my anniversary as well.


Congrats, @loro68! Keep growing on steemit because it's worth it. We are the early adopters!


Congrats hitting the anniversary is a big step and I’m glad you are excited for it

happy birthday on your Steem birthday!
Things might've dipped for a bit, but the back on the rise. I think we might see one more downturn before we see a nice big upturn. Glad to have you back in the game!

@loro68, Congratulations and hope that your journey ahead will be successful and productive too. Stay blessed.

Congratulations. I skipped my 1st anniversary here. Just like you I left and came back later. Mainly because of login in issues with an other site.

I hope you find your way here and make good friends.
Happy 💥day

I would like to congrats you on coming back to steemit and now you are 1 year old. Hold on to it. You are the one that is save among all the inactive steemit account.
Happy birthday too.

Time to celebrate it.

Well done on sticking around for your first year and happy steemanniversary! I'm sure the next one be even better, keep steeming!

Happy anniversary dear.
I am happy that you are still with steemit. This is amazing platform and you should keep up good work here.

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Congratulation 🥳🎊🎉🎈

It is cool that you come back on Steem to play Drug Wars and happy anniversary here. In the meantime promoting ICOs got many burned and many have put the towel!

Happy anniversary and keep the game up, it's a great platform indeed with so many awesome dapps. Keep on posting, keep on growing!

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