Put a bounty on it: Earn your part of 100 STEEM

3년 전

 There is a new steem-bounty promotion going on by @jmhb85, which he announced two days ago. It will be running for seven days.

Steem bounty wants you to ask interesting question

The promotion is all about asking a question and adding a bounty to it.The idea is that this will help minnows earn bounty rewards and also create interesting content on the steem blockchain.

Two ways to earn

Of course you can earn money by winning some of the promotional money. To do that you will need to create a bounty and spend at least $2.However you can also earn rewards by simply answering some of the bounty questions. Head over to the https://steem-bounty.com website. There you will find all the bounties that are active and it will be easy to find some bounties which you may be able to win.

Make sure to submit your question

Also if you create a bounty, make sure to submit it as solution in the original announcement post .Else you cannot win your share of the 100 Steem.

We hope this is fun

Hopefully this will be an easy and fun way to interact with some of the bounties. We wish everyone good luck earning some of the rewards 

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