Happy New Year Steemit!

4년 전

It's been a great a 2017.  I just want to wish everyone at Steemit a Happy New Year. Thank you to everyone who has supported the comic. We are thankful for @Sireh and @Perennial who created the #steem-cartoon and #steemit-blogger communities, and to everyone at #teammalaysia. This has quickly become a strong community and I know that this community will make Steemit become the best place on the Internet for comics and cartoons.  This Wednesday, we kick off the new year with Thunderbird & Kid # 6: Part 1 of the Golden Jones Trilogy.   


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Loving your work and tq for supporting this community. We have many surprises to announce in 2018.

Happy New Year @thunderbirdcomics

Happy new year @thunderbirdcomic . All the best in 2018.

happy new year @thunderbirdcomic. (^^;)/

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Best wishes to all the team from @thunderbirdcomic!!