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Thunderbird & Kid is a Steemit Exclusive Comic Strip about a boy and his magical professional wrestling doll.  New comic every Wednesday! Merry Christmas Steemians! 

This is Part Two and the Conclusion of the Christmas Special.  In Part One, Santa Clause brought kid a lump of coal for Christmas.  Thunderbird stepped in and wrestled Santa.  Thunderbird put Santa in a Boston Crab and forced Santa to leave Kid a present.  Kid woke up the next morning with a present under the tree which brings us to Part Two. . . 


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Next Week:  Part One of the Golden Jones Trilogy



Thunderbird & Kid #1

Thunderbird & Kid #2

Thunderbird & Kid #3

Thunderbird & Kid #4

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U had me at Belt...hahahha

Poor little kid got an elbow drop! xD


That's the life of a wrestler. : )

You've got a new fan. These are so funny. My youngest boy has only just grown out of his wrestling figures (he gave them to my grandson).

I'm enjoying how their relationship is developing. Thunderbird is so savage but uses the personal insult Santa gave him to do a good deed for the kid. Nice touch. Cheers :D


Thanks! :D If your grandson grows out of those wrestling figures maybe we can do business. ; )


ahaha... always the way... you grow outa them, then you want them back when you grow up lolz

Nice and good comic, @thunderbirdcomic Keep up, dude!

ELBOW DROP! Dang. Brutal. Love it! You are funny dude.

Much love - Carl "Totally Not A Bot" Gnash

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Thanks Carl! I really appreciate you coming buy and checking out the comic! I love steemit and the steemit community!

simple and direct cartoon at its best..really enjoyed this!!


Thanks! We love wrestling which is also simple story telling! :D

Nice work bro...luv it..look so international...


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Great ending, yo. Thunderbird doesn't take shit from anyone. Especially not kid. lol