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 Thunderbird & Kid is a Steemit Exclusive Comic Strip about a boy and his magical professional wrestling doll.  New comic every Wednesday! Welcome to part 3A of the Golden Jones Trilogy. 

 In Part 1 Kid and his dad (and Thunderbird) watched an old video tape from a 1980's professional wresting promotion (HWA) called Wrestle or Die IV. Golden Jones destroyed his opponent, Giant John, in a steel cage. Kid's mom told Kid to go play with Billy the Bully who had a newrestling g doll. Thunderbird realized the doll was Golden Jones and was disturb by news. 

In Part 2 we learned about Thunderbird and Golden Jones in the 1980's.  Golden Jones was driving drunk one night and crashed his vehicle while Thunderbird was riding shotgun.  Golden Jones knocked Thunderbird out and when the police arrived, Golden Jones told the police Thunderbird was the drunk driver, costing Thunderbird his shot at the title that night.  The comic ended back in the present day with Kid and Thunderbird arriving at Billy's house where saw Billy with a Golden Jones doll.

Part 3 is so explosive that it will be broken up into part 3A and part 3B.  This week is part 3A.  We now bring you to your feature presentation. 

TB ISSUE 8 600 Pg 1-2 Spread JPEG.jpg

TB ISSUE 8 600 Pg 3 JPEG.jpg
TB ISSUE 8 600 Pg 4 JPEG.jpg
TB ISSUE 8 600 Pg 5 JPEG.jpg

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that kid is an asshole!


Sadly there are wrestling fans out there just like Billy the Bully.


I think you can find those in any field of art, science, sports...

My fist!!👊🏼💥😂 We want more!


Thanks @newyorkdude ! We love the feedback! 😃

u reminded me my childhood full of WWE fun
oh boy i miss my days when i didnot know WWE was scriptted

looking for next part, keep going dude

following you


Thanks! "It's still real to me."


its been a just while since i came to US, I will some day be there to watch WWE live :)


he is so passionate and emotional towards WWE , salute

Ok this is very funny hahaha I hope to see more!

haha!You have the ideas to make us wanna read more..that's the thing in you @thunderbirdcomic. its good to have you here.. :)


Thank you so much for the kind words. This community is so awesome.'s so hilarious bro :)


Thank you @aurah . Your characters crack us up all the time. 😄

Omg this is awesome! Hahaha


Thank you! :D

Because everything's better from the 80s...

Hahahaha What a funny story! Excellent work :3

Lol! aw poor kid, and then the cliffhanger oh my.


You gotta be careful when you are dealing with magical toys.

Haha those facial expressions! You're really good at capturing the subtext visually. Well done, man.

I like that you've included brief summaries of previous episodes. That helps anyone new catch up with the story. Good idea :)

It's also great to include the teaser:

Part 3 is so explosive that...

Looking forward to next week's installment.

Cheers :D