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Thunderbird and Kid is a Steemit exclusive comic strip about a boy and his magical professional wrestling doll. New comic every Wednesday! Welcome to the conclusion of the Golden Jones trilogy.

Previously, Kid and Thunderbird showed up to Billy’s house. Billy had a wrestling action figure, Golden Jones, that was also magical like Thunderbird. Thunderbird and Golden Jones had a score to settle from the past. Golden Jones knocked out Thunderbird. Billy told Golden Jones to attack Kid and to steal Kid’s wrestling belt.

And now our feature presentation. . .


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Kid is taking that broken arm like a champ!! lol


You know it! Tough break for Kid.

Imagine your comic in animation hehehe it will be awesome.. I hope there will the next new episode dude.


Oh man. Someday I hope this is in animation.

haha what a funny joke about the party in the treehouse and the guy going to crash it, very funny :D


I hate to be unoriginal, but I second this. Could give the Wedding Crashers movie a whole new spin...

Awtch... That's sad in reality... His hero and Everything might be in his head, making a beautyfull story out of the harshness he endures so he can cope with his painfull childhood and survive the violence of his comrade at school... Maybe it's only me reading a third psychological layer under the story... Poor kid.


Not saying you are right, not saying you are wrong. ; )

OMG but that outcome hahaha excellent friend:)


Thank you @gvand. I'm glad you like it : )

Oh no! They must get their revenge! lol


Time to lick their wounds and heal up. They might just move on to something else.


Oooo lol I will have to wait to find out :)

Argh! This is like your own Empire Strikes Back! Can’t wait for the rematch...


Yep, glad we got our first trilogy under the belt. haha

hahahahaha! daww that made me chuckle! love it!

This character cracks me up so much. There we so many golden boy wrestlers back in the day, all doing the same gimmick, it was rediculous. Gorgeous George, Adonis, Ric Flair, Jeff Jarrett, Mr. Perfect, Shawn Michaels.


Yep! It all started with Gorgeous George and the gimmick has been passed down generations. We wanted to make our own villain in that archetype.

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