Thunderbird & Kid Issue 4 - THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL

4년 전

Thunderbird & Kid is a Steemit Exclusive Comic Strip about a boy and his magical professional wrestling doll.  New comic every Wednesday! Merry Christmas Steemians!

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Next Week:  The conclusion to the Christmas Special!  


Thunderbird & Kid #1

Thunderbird & Kid #2

Thunderbird & Kid #3

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thuntherbirdcomic is newyorkdude approve. keep up the good work.

@thunderbirdcomic :) Awesome comic strip really hope to see more soon :). keep up the good work :)

Good stuff! looks like you have a lot of experience drawing that strip, nice work and going to have to read more of this.


Thanks! @steemitadventure. I feel like this is the perfect place for comics. Are you working on a graphic novel style story? Your characters look great.

Hey man LOVED the post for sure going to follow if you don't mind could you follow back?

  ·  4년 전

Dont do that... Dont ask for follow backs. Why would he follow you back? If you like his work, great, follow him. If you also do comic strips, share that. IF he likes your work, then he will follow you. Don't beg for follows!!


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