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E dey hard pass this one you still dey answer
Trailer jam person break bones person still waka
Person starve for 30days e still survive
I dey beg you Palè, this na my humble prayer!

Dem say when person bear shit taya he go still squat yansh give ground
When pikin owe credit plenty, na e mama purse dey ring for e mind
Palè, when water dry for garri na so we dey use style turn am to eba
When our problems too much we dey use am take test our faith
If na silver or gold we for take survive, this plea no be me for write am

My tears don full bucket troway
Tears dey golden but I no dey see buyer
Na only you be talk and do
Na u get upper hand for my life

I Don see you do am for plenty people
Na my turn for queue I dey wait tey tey
But baba I fear say before my turn reach for queue, frustration and weariness fit push me commot from line ooo
My faith, hope, believe and trust na ur body I put am
Abeg take my praise and worship
Refine my tears
Abeg convert my pains
Melt my weakness, mold am into strength
Change all the evil for my life to good.

No matter how bad the beat, mad—man go still dance to am
Even if na one Cup of rice, e fit change destiny
No matter how dere hate each other rain and sun still dey work together

Man wey no get leg no complain distance, na people wey carry am dey feel am
Bread winner na e dey chop bread without tea
Pikin with catarrh feel say he suffer until when he grow try to suck e own Pikin catarrh with e mouth
Baba God I know say my load too full your head
But if I give another person this load, the thing go double pass as e dey

Na only you fit bring am down from my head...
Take all the glory.
Thank you Merciful Lord!

This piece is a prayer to God almighty written in Nigerian Pidgin English. It's a plea to The Almighty to come into my life and do His will.
It comprises words of wisdom and observatory truth about life.
It's encouraging and inspiring.

Itoro Archibong, Writing Junkie! ✍✍✍

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