It is like the Hunger Games!!

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Watching people hating on each other over money, makes truth to the proverb: "For the Love of Money is the root to all evil".


Since day one I have wished each and everyone I have talked with from the many co-owners of the STEEM Blockchain the best of success. I have seen stars falling from the sky and burning in lava, while others have been lifted up and now stand on mountains. The thing about mountain climbing is there are those who are on their way up the mountain vs those that are on their way down the mountain, we can say they are or have been in the game for a while, and then you have all the others who do not do anything but having an opinion about the players, the money they make, the money they lose... For me that is hilarious! For two years people have been complaining about everyone and everything, and it will continue on forever and ever with each layer or circle of new users joining we will see more comments like this one:

"I think one of the biggest problems facing Steem today is we have a shit ton of unexceptional content receiving exceptional rewards." - @anthonyadavisii

And she is right - and wrong.

Yes, there is a lot of unexceptional posts making more money then they would ever make anywhere else, and that is a good thing. It shows that the world is underpaid and people get rewarded high because that underpaid world has not moved in here yet. But the walkers are coming... We are almost 1 Million Accounts fighting for attention now, but the world has 7000 times more people in it.


Can anyone tell me if the map above is from the past, or if it is a plan for the future?

If you are the first child in the sandbox, you get to play with all the sand. But later the sandbox is so crowded with children that you either end up playing together or against each other until you grow up and move on to bigger and better or worse things.

I think the earth is meant to be unfair in order to always surge for balance or leverage. However morally and ethically I oppose jealousy, envy, spite, fraud. There is something to the song ... starting from the bottom ... In the culture I am from we live by the rule you shall not think you are any better then us.... from the law of Jante... In the culture I moved to, we live by the rule... those who can, can - those who cannot, must applaud.


Believe it or not, if you take a chill-pill, work with what make you good money and spend less time on what makes you little money or even worse, take your money - in 3 years, you will be RICH.


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Lol, I agree @fyrstikken. While I sometimes see post wars, I like to stay clear of them and just do my own thing.

If someone has the SP to vote for the post, it's worth that payout.

That's what we all need to recognize.

Somebody put monetary investment or writing investment into the platform, and built into Steemit's value overall; however they want to use it is their choice.

Yes, this can lead to voting cliques and "pool raping" schemes and all the other assorted things we all tend to complain about.

But either we accept that Steemers have the right to use their SP power as they see fit, or we let @spez from Reddit come over here and edit our comments for us.

If whales abuse that power, they'll kill the platform...and their own investment

Full disclosure, I whined about a payout I thought was unfair just a coupla days ago...I was wrong to do so

In the culture I moved to, we live by the rule... those who can, can - those who cannot, must applaud.



Well said! Whining gets us nowhere.


Totally agree with you my friend


"either we accept that Steemers have the right to use their SP power as they see fit, or we let @spez from Reddit come over here and edit our comments for us."

This is a false dichotomy. There are other choices we can make, and do make.

It considers ONLY financial power.

Society is far more than an economy, and far more valuable.

"In the culture I moved to, we live by the rule... those who can, can - those who cannot, must applaud."

Again, a false dichotomy. We can also ignore, disapprove, etc. Consider that this aphorism seems to regard financial success as the only metric. Let us apply it to other metrics, such as how many babies can be eaten at a sitting.

It becomes glaringly obvious how the focus on finance is used to deprave our morals.

Consider what is actually meaningful, and undertake to profit from intercourse in those metrics.

Protip: it's not digits. It's relationships, including the one we have with ourselves.

I'm not saying money is evil. I am saying that measuring only by money is.


I don't know if this is semantics ( I don't think it is), but we do have community groups that share SP to help the community.

As I see it, that does go back to

Steemers have the right to use their SP power as they see fit

and yes, I gave an extreme example there; however, any solution that restricts individual discretion to use their own SP will be abused
(much as SP use is abused).

You and @fyrstikken have the right approach, focusing on morality...but Steemit relations are governed by SP use. it is up to us as individuals and the communities we join to use that SP morally.

Let us apply it to other metrics, such as how many babies can be eaten at a sitting.

Reminds me it's been a while since I had a good veal marsala ;>


Yes its a very powerful quote i heard @fyrstikken actually said in discord server I remember him he said in South America in Peru they have that saying, that

those who can, can - those who cannot, must applaud.

And it is so true... there IS no other way! it is the anti crab bucket quote..

Wow look at this article i found about how the Chinese SJW's think it is "Violent Charity" when Billionaires come out in the streets and hand wads of Cash to Disaster Victims for their PR with cameras around, they think that is omehow wrong and I see the SAME communist attitudes on steemit

Business men and capitalists will applaud public giving of money PRIVATE donations are the CREAM on the cake of capitalism, see the COMMUNISTS and socialists are BUTT HURT that Our PRIVATE charity is much BETTER than their "public" government welfare!

and the discussion of what a wealthy man shoudl spend his money on is so strange, if smeone wants to spend their money on another person, that is not up for discussion, sciety should not be debating something they cannot and should not try to manipulate, its not their proprty its private, and privacy should be respected, when someone who is welathy or even midle class wants to give way money publically that is their right and detractors an critics are making this seem like this is up fpr debate as if they want to create laws outlawing giving the poor large amounts of money, I swear that is where this leads, it is SOCIALISTS being Butt hurt! they are WHINING that were giving money to the poor because they dont like seeing capitalism work for both the wealthy and the poor, because the honest trth is capitalism is better for both and communism is worse for both and in NO way benefits the poor, only hurts and kills them... and its just so crazy how these Chinese communists want to stop a rich person from publicly giving money to a disaster victim to get his life back in order, its amazing to normalize such charity ad if someone disagrees with it they are just so bitter I mean w ha kind of monster disagrees with something like that its just common sense, but very much related to this discussion!

Whales here on Steem make money and they deserve every penny!

Fyrstikken bought up 80,000 worth of steem when it dropped LL the way to 7 cents basically rescuing steem from going even further maybe to 1 cent or below? WHo knows how low it would have gone without him,, so he deserves the millions hes made from that and no one should concern themselves with how he spends his money, steempower is not public property its private and that is why they are called private keys :D WHales here have kept steem at the price it is at! we all get to benefit from their investments, wihout the big whales KEEPINg thri steempower and refusing to powerdown andjust hold Bitcoin or another altcoin and make MUCH more money, they hold SP and let ALL of us enjy the high prices!

We owe the whales a lot, they don't make enough honestly, they could be making much more with their crypto wealth in just bitcoin , the cost of holding steem over bitcoin is like 100x, so we owe these whales gratitude for allowing steem to be as high as it is in price......

COntent quality HONESTLy doesnt matter now with under 1 million users in our beta phase... the content is SO transient it will CHANGE everyday!

Look at reddit! no one remembers the old content and says hey that old reddit content was low quality nah the quality WILl get better as we get all the users from other more popular social media when hey find out ow much they can be making!

Steem is just a Delegated proof of STAKE system and the reward pool WILL grow and allow for EVERYOne with High quality COtent to mke PLENTY of money, it will GIVE them that pay wen they POST higher quality content but as of NOW there isnt THAT much SUPER amazing stuff worthy of $1000 or more per post!

SOOn w WILL have people like alex jones pewdiepie or other BIG time youtubers posting, hell even logan paul will maybe post on dtube after hes been demonetized, and we may se other big reddit users posting, THEN w will get BIG name brand content peopel will COME TO STEEMIT for! Just like they come to REDDIT nd INSTAGRAM everyday we will also have peopel coming JUST fr the contet and not for the pay!

Now i feel like most steem users come to create content and make money but some DO use steemit to follow knowledgeable crypto experts, and there IS good crypto info that is steemits niche on google right nw... but SOON steemiut wil ave MANY niches like reddit with communities

soon steemit will have ALL the great content from AROUND the web and you will SEE that steemits content is SIMPLY a function of its users.. the world only has the same 4.5 million internet users, the users on reddit WILL come to steem, and we WIL have the same content that generates billions of views for reddit and instagram over here on steem its JUST a matter of time

so we WIL get all ll the best content we normally see bring billions of users to instagram reddit and instagram, all that stuff wil be on steem given enough time... it is inevitable as long as we pay ad they dont!


wow, you should make a post from this!

Honestly I got over it . I used to go crazy before on here and get upset when someone posted one picture and got 300$ . Maybe I’ll get there one day and I will keep working hard until then

Hola! Visita mi blog! Buen post saludos

It is quite unfortunate how people spend their time hating on each other here. Some people spend the whole day downvoting other people's stuff for no reason just to pull them down, not for plagiarism or anything. It is not supposed to be so. The world would be a better place if we could just share a little bit of love instead of hatred. We should let love lead.

Yeah, I agree that it is the root of all evil. But this is just one sided thing. You must consider people who are really doing great of helping others. :-)

1Ti 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Just keep working hard and you'll succeed on steemit, that's what I tell to my new friends that feel underpaid and most of the "bad" content getting huge rewards it's probably mostly bot money, although I do recognize that some of them have big friends with huge accounts that provide them huge upvotes too.

amazing post @fyrstikken i belive what you saying thanks for sharing this advise all of your post was amazing carry on thanks for sharing upvoted and resteemed

thanks for the advise i belive that what you saying you are always being a inspiration for me nice post upvoted and resteemed

nice post sir. you are a amazing blogger
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Spot-on!! Resteemed😀


Here you are 😂 i was looking for you since a long time 😂

Good post @fyrstikken...
Please vote back

I noticed that right after I started here on Steemit and did write a post about my thoughts on it ages ago. I think in a way unexceptional posts getting payed loads means there is space or lack for actual good stuff out there. In time as the platform grows the crappy overvalued posts will start getting less rewards and the better ones would take their place eventually.

Amazing post... I’m from Venezuela, I’m following you and I upvoted this post too.. keep posting, regards chao 👋

I'm kinda sad I've never been hated on by jelly steemit users. When I do, I'll know I've finally made it. Of course, then I'll probably start complaining about the good old days when it was just me and my love of writing.

wow supper writing nice.wonderful post dear.

Love comes from heaven. It is created from both hearts. But some resources, such as money, love is not true.

a very meaningful post I like, with this potingan you I understand more how to play esteem thank you for the knowledge greetings know from me @teukuyusril

&#127840 remarkable & fantastic!

This crocodile has in his mouth a great opportunity, but you might lose your hand to get that money, are you willing to take that risk?

Crypto is just like that, and that´s why we usually say, "don´t risk what you can´t lose".
I wouldn´t risk my hand, but in case of crypto investments I might say I´m IN!


Consider something more valuable in the crocodile's mouth, like a part of you, or your child.

For something valuable, I would risk more than my hand.

I would love to see that pictured in real life. A fortune in cash, complete with a fine wallet to keep it in!

If people would just avoid the drama and go to work everything will likely owrk out for them in the long run. Of course it's possible Steemit could fail, but if it doesn't working hard over the next year could be extremely profitable. Not many comment on the fact that Steemit is less than 2 years old, and that even those with 10k+ followers would be very small fish elsewhere on the internet.

So yes, take a chill, focus on what works, and keep making that work. As Steemit grows, so will your own success. Being here now is like joining Facebook in 2006, except here you get paid.

I have only just begun to haunt Steem and make friends here but I am finding the good aspects and bad. But, everything that is fairly new with have its good and bad aspects of it. Early adopters will benefit in the end because Steem will only continue to grow as more people are exposed to the potential that is here. I am enjoying the community and the fellowship. Thanks for the post! ~Ivy~

Great truths you say in this publication dear friend @fyrstikken, I am almost from the beginning and I have seen and read everything, there will always be discontented people and it is very successful what you say "you work with what makes you earn good money and spend less time in what makes you little money "that should be the menra in which we focus.
Thank you very much dear friend, for sharing all these words and good advice
I wish you a wonderful day

Sounds about right. Jealousy and envy are the largest factors here of what I see....

However in my oppinoion (maybe I can have ot without being downvoted totally) steemit seams as a place for the "rich" if one is rich, ones content is the best on steemit, if one is poor, ones content is and always will be worth near nothing.

Im not saying my content derves to even reach the $100 mark, not at all. But generousity and realism is not what steemit is for those who seek out to spend hours on originally made content and ends up on maybe $1 if you take away the the sbd spent on bots here.

Almost everyone with a reputation above 70, doesnt give a crap about anyone else, I have been noticing this alot the last couple of weeks, why? Well because I actually kept an eye on it for a long period. Most of them wants others to interact in their content, some makes replies to show that they give a damn, but chooses to upvote their own reply with a $10 vote and maybe just maybe the little guy who spent time reading the content and comming with a very good reply to it gets a $0.02 vote from the content writer. Is it fair? Well yes sure it is, but theese people should think about how they would "feel" if the positions was reversed.

I will not mention any names here at all, or even point out an example, as I am obe of the "poor" little folks, who knows if I do so, all my content will be downvoted, my very little (but large to me) reputation will be destroyed, and I will never be able to earn that nearly $1 sbd pr day that I do now here on steemit.

This is not to cause any more drama than there already is, but I will bet you that not even HALF actually reads the entire post, neither the one you made, or this response I have given to you. Why? They dont give a crap they only see "curation reward possibility" and make an ignorant comment. Not all, but most!

And yes Ive actually read your entire post, I always do if I intend to make a comment on it.

Those who can (the ones with money)
Those who cannot (the ones who dont have money)

Try next time to post a picture of a dog with a stick, just grab sonething from google, ill bet you thats "high quality content" (moneywise)
If I do the same, only my picture is taken by myself, and is while my dog is in the air on a trampoline, will that be high quality content then? I dont think so.

So do "whales" have many followers because of their good content, or because they have money.. you know what I think.

Finally, I like most of your content, the guitarstuff wasnt for me tho but the rest is quite good.

Climb the ladder and use those above you as inspiration. Corny, but true, and it works for me everyday.

Creo que lo que hacemos de hacer un mundo más solidario y cooperativo es lo correcto, no puede ser que 200 personas tengan el fruto del trabajo de otros siete mil millones

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*If you work more and spend less in [arbitrary amount] years, you will be RICH, and even though I believe the world is made unfair inherently, I don't believe in it's premise".

I like the map, actually in Central America we are a part of the US already, we do whatever they say. The thing that will have to change is the UK after BREXIT happens, it will be a different color than what it is now, probably yellow.

hola amigo buenas noches, que buen post saludos

I love this advice! Take a chill pill and work with what makes you little money. I love the law of Jante too, no one is better than another due to their financial status. #awesome :-)


The law of Jante isn't about money. It is about every metric you can imagine. How you dress, how you maintain your home, your intelligence.

I actually find it abhorrent, because everyone is exceptional in one way or another, and that is how people truly interact. The law of Jante is the ultimate mechanism to dumb down everyone, to make us all equally ugly, poor, and stupid.

Let whatever is best about you shine fully. Don't let the jealousy of others cause you to dim your light.

Humans love to live safe and a lot of money. But when others see it as it can be obtained easily and many also people who never see the process when struggling

Great piece of advice dear @fyrstikken .
I know it is possible even for me to reach near you if I choose to act wisely and dedicatively.But it takes time..You the experienced ones really inspires us a lot..We will be obliged!

Nice post and well said!!!

Thanks for sharing this motivative news.we learnt something of this post.Thanks for sharing.

Care to develop in another post what you said at the end ? Expand on that 3 year plan , would love to hear your thoughts

However morally and ethically I oppose jealousy, envy, spite, fraud. There is something to the song ... starting from the bottom ... In the culture I am from we live by the rule you shall not think you are any better then us. That is so true and I support it too

if you take a chill-pill, work with what make you good money and spend less time on what makes you little money or even worse, take your money - in 3 years, you will be RICH. Thanks for this advice, you are great. I really appreciate it

You make an interesting analogy, this new world for the people we started is a mystery, that the game starts and we hope the results will be successful.

Whenever you get more than 3 people in the same place or community, drama becomes quite likely. The more people you add, the more likely drama becomes with it very soon reaching practical inevitability. Keeping in mind how many people we have on here, it's actually surprising we are not seeing more of it.

But I wouldn't say drama is always necessarily a problem. You mentioned fraud as a bad thing, well sometimes it might be OK to kick up a fuss about it. One of the things I've seen recently in the drama category were two powerful people throwing accusations at each other while I'd qualify both sides as abusers. Both sides were correct in their accusations of the other side, it just wasn't a good excuse for their behavior.

Still, I do try to stay away from drama and not getting work up about it and always try to concentrate on being a productive both for myself and for the community. Still, while outrage over nothing is actually common, it's not a bad thing that people are willing to call out bad behavior. The good thing about the blockchain is that it's transparent and there is nothing wrong with people who have no chance of getting on the mountain to have an opinion on the people who are somewhere on it regardless of the direction they are going in.

Just politcial things

Well, if digits are what you think is important, then pursue digits.

I reckon there are more meaningful things.

You might consider the inevitability of the post-market economy, which technology is demonstrably creating. 3D printing, cryptocurrency, social media, AI, nanotechnology. All these things are concatenating to preclude the necessity of capital in producing goods and services.

How important will the enemedia-implanted obsession with personal financial gain be in the fullness of time?

The race is to the finish line. As a result, it is the end conditions that matter in determining the success of the means you undertake while running. I don't think large digits being associated with you will matter at all in this race we're running.

Rather, it is how you treat folks; your ethics, honor, and empathy, that will deliver real value when we reach the foreseeable finish line.

There are golden escalators. There are people worth knowing.

I know which will be more important to me in days to come. Given the state of the world and my place in it, I have always known that I will work for a living until I die. When the universe becomes attainable from one end to the other, and the mechanisms that invest our persons in it resurrect us from death (not a religious faith, but a prediction based on what is valuable to people, who will gain the ability as technology progresses), the privations I endure for the sake of my self-respect will be more than sound investments.

Or, rather, they will be inconsequential in the considerations of what is important in those conditions.

Sure, play to win. Carefully consider what prize you seek; what is worth winning.

Win what is important. Don't seek what prize is dangled by those that would profit from your life's work. Seek the prize of true value: the love and respect of people you care about.

The only prize that will have any meaning is who you are, not what you have.

I try not to fall into the name calling and envy game. Instead I want to know how everything works and why things happen the way they do...this keeps me out of the monkey shit fight I see going on all the time.

Now I am studying economics of free markets and how this applies to Steemit economic system....This is all so fascinating!

Well said @fyrstikken, especially since you can get in there and throw shit better than anyone I've seen but only when someone tries to scam you. You are a formidable player.

Simple, short and true. Stick to what works, be light on your feet but stay the course until you get where you were meant to be.

Well agreed !In the coming days it sure will be more crowded and the platform is gonna see much more annoying things and though good things as well !

Anyone that understands how steemit works will never complain of shitty posts getting ridiculous rewards. I will rather work hard, buy enough steem, power up and try to see how sanity can be restored into the sphere

What is so true written ... envy and resentment only bring weariness. I think that as many of them became great on the platform, there are also new ones who want to fight to achieve that, to be better, but only to achieve it they have to do good things.

It is inspiring! Doing what we love rewards us in ways we wouldn't expect because there is no time to expect anything if you've become the thing you are doing. You are an infinitely flowing energy, constantly changing to give you the happening.

Thanks for sharing your perspective!

Nice post keep it up sir

Thanks.. This is very usefully to others..

I take this as the inauguration of the #steem-drama tag.