Look At What Came In The Mail: A Steem Wallet! The SteemEconomy Lives

2년 전

There I was, toiling away at a basic-level series of Java tutorials and racking up an impressive quota of careless errors.

The mail came; my father got it. He called me, saying that the envelope addressed to "Next Blug" must be for me. :)

He was right!

It was for me, from doughty @armadilloman , and it did contain a custom-made Steemit wallet that I had ordered from him for thirteen Steem-Based Dollars.

I got my first Steemit swag courtesy of @armadilloman and thanks to the SteemEconomy.

Fitting Accessory

Custom-made, real leather...and a perfect accessory for a certain vehicle:

In Ontario, you have to carry around proof of vehicle registration and proof of vehicle insurance. For some odd reason, vehicle insurance rates in Ontario are among the highest in the continent. ;) Until that leather beauty arrived, I had been using a spare wallet to jam both cards in. Not any more!

From now on the leather Steem Wallet is going to be holding these documents. They now reside comfortably in my glove compartment:

waiting for the first hopefully-friendly police officer to demand them.

The Importance of the SteemEconomy

Although this is only one minor transaction, it illustrates the important point that STEEM -moreso SBDs - are crypto currencies. They are not just assets to buy, earn and hold until STEEM gets to a gazillion dollars. ;-) They're also media of exchange.

Using them for commerce, even for swag and gigs at SteemGigs, helps build up a Steem-based Economy. Even if embryonic, it's an economy that's not manipulated or controlled by the powers-that-be. There's no central bank, no economic managers, only ordinary folks like me and @armadilloman exchanging voluntarily.

That's why it should grow. As a para-economy with global reach, as global as Steem itself, it's a real alternative to the government-managed, central-bank-controlled economies we all live under - and are dissatisfied with.

In my own small way, I tried freedom - and am happy with the result. We're some ways away from all but a few folks living off the SteemEconomy full-time, but the days are coming when many of us will - and not just for posting rewards!

Selling and buying goods for SBDs or STEEM help bring those days closer. Days of added responsibility, true, but also days of freedom - freedom that's higher than personal financial freedom. At its highest, a freedom that will help right a world that so many of us believe has gone wrong.

A worthy experiment!

Postscript: Sticker Swag?

One thing that the Steemit Versa is missing, is one or two window stickers. Do you know of anyone who sells them for SBDs or STEEM? If so, please drop a link!

Thanks for reading

and Steem On!

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Nice license plate! Wallet is nice too but a little small for my tastes.

Good point about the Steem economy. It is important that we build an ecosystem beyond just content curation for the long term viability of Steem.

If any crypto has a shot at being used day to day though it is Steem. What other cryptocurrencies have as wide a distribution as Steem?

Highly rEsteemed!

wHolly Toiler ; )

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 11.10.57 AM.png


Thanks a lot!

Preach it brother! An acquaintance teases me that we blog on Steemit "for magic beans." Steemit is social media AND a proto-economy. Doing business, no matter how small, for tangible items moves Steemit from proto to actual economy. And that is good for us all, and good for the rest of the world actually.

Everything I sell for Steem or SBD mostly to powering up, not cashing out, which keeps the Steemit platform growing and healthy.


I hear ya: myself, I heard "imaginary money."

But I've been long enough in the crypto-world to be philosophical. It has its funny moments. When Bitcoin was three figures, I broached the subject to my dad and he got agitated: he was afraid I was being scammed.

So I shut up about it.

Sure enough: when Bitcoin got above $15,000, he was asking me to explain it to his friends. :)

Something to smile about, and an important lesson. The time my dad got agitated (in 2014) was the time I should have been buying. The time when my dad was adverting me as a Bitcoin resource officer was the time to sell & wait to get back in.

The Theory of Contrary Opinion never wears out....

Wow that is awesome..... Way to go..... Looks to be a very beautiful and well crafted workmanship. 👍👏👏✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️Keep it up and steem on.

At first I thought you meant a steem crypto wallet - I kind of like this better, that's a nice looking wallet. I know i'll eventually buy something with steem dollars - before i would ever take cash out. So far hand made knives and silver for steem dollars have peaked my interest, but i'm still keeping my eye out for just the right unique hand crafted item :)

Haha, congratulations for your costumed wallet. And thank you for broadening our understanding of this great community and how to add value to it.

Wild! It looks like they did a nice job with the leather working. I've always been a fan of tooled leather myself (a bit of a cowgirl, I guess). I dig the steem mobile too, gives me lots of high hopes for this platform. Thanks for sharing!


Glad to. :) I have high hopes myself.

That's a really cool looking wallet!


Yes it is, and it'll come in handy if I'm stopped :)

Or, if someone asks me about STEEMIT and give me an opportunity to show it off.

So, I saw this person got one, and said she received it from two other Steemians, but neither of their blogs have been updated in a while. It seems they have a store maybe, I didn't dig that far, but I hope this helps!



Great one man. I can't wait for the world system will be tokenized. Nice wallet though. you can check out my service on steemgig. Thanks to @surpassinggoogle

Oh mate, this is awesome. I’m a huge fan of Steem art and the leather wallet goes perfectly with the plates. Great little pickup! I’ll have to go and talk to @armadilloman myself.

Thanks for sharing. I’ve now given you a follow to see more of the plates haha. Hope to see you around mate.