Steem Elevator Pitch Contest

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You are at a major blockchain event. You want to convince me that Steem has a bright future ahead and is worth investing in. The problem is that I'm pretty busy so you'll have to pitch you idea during my elevator ride, that happens to be exactly one minute.

Elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a pretty common but difficult exercise in the startup world. You usually have somewhere between 30 seconds and 2 minutes to convince a jury that your idea is awesome. It's important to be able to keep it this short to make sure that you have a clear vision about what the project aims to achieve and what it is at its core. A project is not just just a bunch of features stacked together, it needs to have a clear direction.
In the case of Steem, a blockchain with so many features, it will be a particularly complex task. It would probably be easier to make a 30 minutes video about it. But busy people don't have 30 minutes to give you right away, they might later, but first you will need to convince them during this first minute.


  • Post a video of you pitching the Steem blockchain, on 3speak, dTube or other video platform.
  • Make a post on Steem using the steem-elevator tag.
  • The video has to be 1 minute long at maximum. Not 1:05, not 1:01, 1:00. In these kind of pitches, the interlocutor wouldn't hesitate to stop you mid-sentence if you are taking too long.
  • 1 minute is extremely short, carefully chose which topics are the most important to catch the attention of the interlocutor. If your 1 minute pitch convince him the original idea is good, he will give you more time later on and ask questions.
  • A short time doesn't mean you need to speak faster. Be articulate. Quality over quantity.
  • Do your research, there s plenty information about how to make a great elevator pitch out there.
  • Your interlocutor is knowledgeable about blockchain in general, don't waste time over basic concepts.
  • The contest will last one week, starting now.


This contest idea received a lot of support from the community and especially big stakeholders. There will be liquid rewards and whales upvotes based on the quality of the submission. To keep this decentralized, I propose that each decide whom to upvote/send rewards based on perceived quality, rather than electing an overall winner. I also encourage the whole community to check the contributions on steem-elevator tag and curate them.

Liquid rewards


Thank you all!

Steem on!

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I did a post a few months back about how I was struggling to come up with a Steem elevator pitch. In a comment to that post, @mattclarke pretty much nailed it:

The internet is a desert, we're all nomads and each website is a tent.
Some are huge and elaborate, some are pretty basic. They look very impressive, but you can never be sure they'll still be in the same spot when you visit next, and unless you really trust the owner, you wouldn't keep anything valuable in one.
It's all we've ever known, so its hard to imagine anything better.
Steem is a huge, flat concrete slab, with a heap of guys boring holes in it, putting up big, steel girders and arguing over blueprints.
From a distance, and with no knowledge of cities, it doesn't look impressive.
Even the few single story buildings that have gone up are kind of underwhelming, and don't attract many visitors.
Real estate on the slab is cheap, but then nobody in the tribe has ever bought or sold land before.
Most people agree it seems pretty stupid, considering the endless miles of uncontested land in every direction.
It’s hard to grasp the value of concepts like plumbing, electricity, lockable doors, floor safes etc without having lived it, but those who can imagine the possibilities are learning, building, starting businesses, building reputations, getting to know their neighbours, and desperately trying to share their vision with others.


Nice! Any chance we ll see you guys make an entry ?


@preparedwombat if you did want to make a video entry, you're more than welcome to use/adapt my analogy. Thanks for the mention :)


That's definitely a solid analogy... I think investors would appreciate the honesty, but are probably looking for something tangible like an roi or potential success stories like tik tok that is burgeoning after dumping money into a fruitful ad campaign... It's a tough sell to tell someone that's well aware that it takes money to make money to buy into something that's not offering them much if any control. Then we have the floundering of the top stakeholders that don't even directly participate in the ecosystem. Hiding in the shadows of a dpos is not going to instill any confidence or compel someone to compete at a game that they missed the start.

Timing is everything and IMHO it would take a miracle to turn this place around.. The premise here is a bit strange too in that our investor on the elevator knows about blockchain but apparently has been sleeping on steem. It's more likely that people in the industry are aware of steem but see no reason to jump onto a sinking ship.. Just being realistic here.. If I had hundreds of millions and thought this monetized social media smt experiment could work, I'd just start from scratch with a more fluid, mobile, and less confused system that learned from years of steem mistakes..

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I pitched Steem as a way for TikTok creators to monetize their videos.... it’s getting some attention over there.


Unfortunately, I have zero video experience. One of these days...


Preparing now ! Just joined i have good presence in youtube and instagram community and looking forward to building community here. I will post an elevator pitch in an hour


Take a bath, human.

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Hard pass

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It s a nice video but

  1. it s about Steemit, not about Steem
  2. it s a marketing video, not a pitch

Got some basic info out in the minute. This is a difficult concept.. When u say pool, I can't help but think of the Beatles from Liverpool 😂

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I've not been to Liverpool in a long time :)

Challenge accepted, @stoodkev :)

As a creative artist I am, personally, grateful to Steem for helping me overcome writer's block and inspiring prose and poetry for my 8th book. Here, is my entry.

Thank you, for this opportunity to express my appreciation. _/|\_


Awesome, I ll check it up asap!


Thank you, for your attention & support.

I think of blogging as a conversation, which is only as good as its listeners.

Cheers ✌🏼


Nice testimonial, but a potential investor has very little information about what steem is from your perspective.. Not an easy task, perhaps impossible.. Appreciate the effort

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Thanks, I tried to share my enthusiasm for it as a platform for creative types who think differently. Of course, there’s much more to be said... But, it’s a start 🙏🏼


Wooh!!! You are looking like steem boy😎😎


Mmhmm... Hope you like my post ✌🏼

To anyone who wants to participate:
I recommend to read the whitepaper and bluepaper again and research a little bit more to remember Steem's valuable features. We have more than rewards and posts to talk about.

I still don't understand what's an elevator pictch. It seems for me like a presentation we do to get a job. Correct me if I'm wrong. I created a promotional video from what I understand, but I'm afraid that will not be accepted again. If I just understand what exactly you want, i would do that. Should it be a video with me talking about steem in less than one minute presenting it, or an animation video ? Or a presentation with powerpoint or any other application that creates presentations and record that. Anyway, check this and tell me what do you think ? I'm lost.


It s a short video of you talking about the Steem blockchain to convince investors.


In this case count this one please, but not the first :

You want to convince me that Steem has a bright future ahead and is worth investing in

Post a video of you pitching the Steem blockchain

Just to be clear, this an elevator pitch to a financial investor, and not a content producer who invests his/her time and effort?


Investor yes, we re talking about pitching the blockchain and why its worth it as a whole, and will grow in the future.

What was Microsoft before it reached momentum? An unfathomable idea with no real audience in it's early stages. What is the one thing that we as human beings seek out? No matter our status? Interaction. Idea sharing. Emotional bonding. Reassurance. Attention, even, for some. Social media is not going anywhere because it's directly linked to what we all, as a vast majority, exist as, social beings. Imagine Facebook, but you can get paid for your likes. Imagine a social media construct unlike any other, set upon blockchain technology. This exists, currently, and I believe that with proper guidance and development, there is potential to reach and even surpass the success of companies like Facebook, before Facebook has a chance to dig it's heels into the Cryptocurrency atmosphere. Cryptocurrency isn't going anywhere either and if you compare that to the momentum of Microsoft, I believe you can realistically and viably do a direct comparison between the two and their success. I wholeheartedly believe in the possibilities that exist here. I sincerely hope you'll consider this opportunity; Thank you for your time.

I was able to do it in 57 seconds, which would leave me enough time to extend my hand to offer a firm handshake as the doors are opening. I'd then exit confidently and say something along the lines of "I hope you have a great rest of your day!" or "Enjoy your evening, get home safely!" with a bright and happy composure as I headed in the direction I was going.

I could do a video, but I'm really not one to put myself on camera. I could do audio, if that would be considered. I think an important key to this delivery is the tone I use as well, so it may not come off as confidently or strongly just being read. If simply audio would suffice, I'd be more apt to try it out. lol. As far as visuals go anyways, I personally think that a person's image and how others perceive them is important to the level of respect they give an idea as well.

Imagine you're a homeless man who looks dirty who's in the elevator with this executive of some sort... do you think you'll honestly get the same response as you would if you were in a tailored suit from head to toe looking like a million bucks? Unfortunately, no. These things are just as important and I don't believe that I'd ever be a face that would get successful results from an executive, should I ever happen to get the time of day with them. lol :P

I look forward to the responses. I find it extremely difficult to be optimistic about STEEM at this time.


If you base your reasoning on the price perhaps. If you think about the technology, we re well on our way. Check the videos from the SteemFest, it might change your mind ;)


Why not think long-term?


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Just got on the platform some hours ago, getting ready my #elevator #pitch ASAP

  • Wallet addresses as usernames.
  • Free transactions, no fees.
  • Fast transactions, 3 seconds transfers.
  • Scalable: 100 000 transactions per second (as much as EOS, if not more).
  • ROI on holding steempower (currently 2%, can be a lot more if delegating for a return or curating).
  • Web app specific blockchain, which will keep it ahead of general smart contract blockchains.
  • Self funded DAO, where Steem Power holders can vote what gets funded.
  • Earn by posting, earn by curating (voting others' posts).
  • Create a community on the blockchain, which is independent of the website on which it can be accessed. (You can even create your own website to access it).
  • Launch (Airdrop or ICO) your own coin, with similar characteristics to Steem, with 0 programming experience.
  • Integrate that coin into your community, or your web application (website).
  • RC system ensures that an increase in users on steem will result in an increasing demand for Steem Power, causing price increase for Steem.

That s the kind of points I d like to see addressed more, hope you ll make a pitch out of it =)
Btw, check my answer about your Keychain issue.


In gonna steal his bullet points and make a video on an escalator because if those break they're still just stairs..

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Looking forward to your escalator pitch then!

Do you accept only English or other languages?


English, it would be hard to judge the quality of the contribution if we can't understand it.


Here's my entry....

58 seconds, with a very professional intro, at least by my standards!

I respect this idea, but it may be hard for someone to gather up both the marketing skills AND the video skills to make their entry fly. I know someone will figure it out, but it's not going to be easy.


This is a pitch, not a marketing video, you just need to film yourself talking, so you ll need marketing skills but no particular video skill.

Thanks for the post.

What an awesome idea I will be sure to get involved I am a big believer in steem and what this blockchain can do now and what it will be able to do in the near future with SMT


Looking forward to see your entry! =)

Excellent working

Wtf a quick "E" are you kidding right now come up with your own elevator promo ya biscuit head I like steemit just how it is unsaturated with junk vid we're here because we dont want to be on youtube sorting through junk vids.


We re talking about Steem, not Steemit. You don't seem to know much about our blockchain so make sure to check some of these videos, it might educate you.


Oh thanks you're right I thought steemit was the blockchain and steem were it's tokens

Were I making the pitch, I would start it off with this question: Do you think reliable, accurate, secure, untampered news sources are important to your life?

After the response, made by known investor, who would almost certainly answer yes, I would this:

Did know that some of the most in depth by some of the best writers, technicians, and scientists in almost every country are reported on steemit and many of the articles are extremely embarrassing to powerful governments and businesses, and organizations with enough resources to attempt to destroy Steemit, where these articles are published and Steemit and Steem are relatively untouched?

It's true. Without trying to bore or scare, I myself have accurately uncovered a really nasty thing and truth Steemit and my Steem was untouched and it is there for anyone to see at all times.


I like the angle of proposing a question with a predictable reply.. Certainly this is a time tested sales technique.. First bit I've seen here in what I'd say is the right direction.. The essential element though is appealing to an investors profits. That makes this a very difficult concept..

Investors aren't exactly looking to try and make the world a better more evolved place, they want a solid roi with as little risk as possible.. Period, full stop!


I beg to differ, of course most of the investors might be interested in ROI, but there are other type of investors who are interested in bettering humanity.
To this kind of investor the ROI relies on how much would their investment make society better. Therefore, I think the first task would be to approach the right kind of investor when this is the pitch to be used.


A utopian vision, and I’d assume the guy in the elevator is like most investors, that aren’t philanthropists.


The whole vision of Steem is utopian in my way of seeing things. After all, we live in a positive sum world.


I can dig that


Are there not big problems in the world? I would ask the elevator man that question or something to that affect because he or she would need first understand the problem before he or she could appreciate how Steemit attempts at solving the issue of being censored, banned demonetized, spied on, abused, manipulated, robbed from, shadow banned, hidden, lied to, etc.

@stoodkev, Looking forward to it. This idea 💡 is really appreciable. Stay blessed.

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This is going to be pure gold 😂

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Hell yea! =)

You know Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, sucks. They're censoring people. They got people banned. Have you ever been terminated, mister busy elevator man? One of the problems that we got is centralization. That is tyranny. The tech cartels become big and bad like governments. They become like Hitler, Mau, etc. That is why we strike back. Like Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. People are building alternatives to Facebook and the other social network ghettos. So, why would you not join them? Why would you not be part of history, elevator man?


A bit scary don’t you think 🤪 You should make a video though, it would be highly entertaining..

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Don't tempt me haha.

it is my submission for this amazing event:

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You say you can earn rewards through blogging and yet you just earned rewards through the creation of video content. Interesting....

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So Steem Community is an amazing token and Blockchain.
Not just a token.

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Nice, but this is a marketing video, not a sales pitch..

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I try to make an other video for this activity.

来自于 [WhereIn Android] (

Me: Have you ever heard about Steem?
Investor: Is it Steam you were sayin!?
Me: No, S-t-e-e-m, Steem!
Investor: No, sorry...
Me: Interested in buying some Steem tokens?
Investor: Are you out of your mind?
Me: Justin Sun is buying the company behind it.
Investor: Okay, I want every token you can sell.

I got to do mine, here's the link to my entry posted on threespeak;

Only video content is currently eligible to receive a vote?


yes this contest requires you to produce a video.


yeah, i thought so ..Never mind, looking forward to see legit entries :D


Come on, give it a try, don t be shy!

Great contest idea, I might have a crack, good excuse to get on 3speak at last.

Those people who flagged you, they must be the biggest fucking numpties on the platform.


Looking forward to see your entry!
Hint: you re talking to an investor, not a content creator.


Ah OK good hint!

Let me know if this one fit? Love to do more....

Here's my entry. First day on this platform. Am i posting it correctly ? Please help :)

When it comes to choosing the right social platform for showcasing your content there two basic questions we consider !

Is the paltform descentralized ?
Can you get rewarded for your cretivity, energy and time you invested to produce your content?

How about a social network built on a blockchain ?
That’s excatly what steem it is !

A socal media and blogging platform where you as a creators can create and curate content and get financially rewarded via a cryptocurrency called Steem.

Members can upvote the content and this goes directly to the content creators.

Steemit makes exchanging ideas and information real and genuine as its Steemit is designed as a decentralized application (DApp) built upon the Steem blockchain. What does that mean
No Ads, No selling your information , No censorship

Steem protol generates Fixed amount of steem everyday which makes up the reward for content creators just like any other cryptocurrency
Are you going to be part of it ?

I pitched to a bunch of teenagers on the Elevator .... just held up my iPhone to show them how to Monetize their TikTok videos with Steemit and appics.... they all signed up.


I'm sure that wasn't creepy at all 😂

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Especially when I started dancing.


LOL make it creepy anyway!

Here is my entry to the 60 second STEEM elevator pitch. Thank you @stoodkev for getting me off my butt, getting behind a camera and practicing a 60 second pitch.

at the moment, STEEM is not worth investing in
until they fix inflation it won't be
the platform needs a bigger userbase and the top money feels like its the job of their clients to sell and market THEIR product
i'd keep an eye on it, it certainly has potential as tek and platform but under the current leadership posing as decentralized tribalism i doubt it's going anywhere

there you go, less than one minute, where's my $100k

truth too :)

investors want to see money not "gud content"

advertisers want to see numbers

at the moment it is NOT worth investing in and my grandma will not bring the masses either since she doesnt have to pay on facebook to post 20 puppies a day

you need another angle here, but im sure you like the 100 doller from the feature, dont you

all smoke and mirrors,

this aint helping

this wont fix anything

i HAVE asked, the moment i say "you have to pay before you can build" everyone goes "mmmmeh, not interested"

or you mean you can just come in at 15sp and go for it ?


combined vote from curie, therising and some other witness gives about $3 (times 0.6 for USD at the moment)

the south won't rise again cos you are shiney, mate ...

enjoy the beermoney

maybe buy some #nbc or #gg or another managed token , maybe the koreans like koinbot succeed in making something work if the deem it worth their time but since they closed the bot it doesnt look like they do and when it comes to money if fear they always had good judgment, team-cn seems to do so to ... steemace trying hard ... im sure there's others but leave STEEM to the whales, there is NO WAY of knowing how much liquid is floating around from the early ninjamining days, more like WHO HAS IT , all that pool is waiting to be sold off (or havent you seen how the price is regulated for a year now ?) so NO

i can not , with a straight face, walk up to someone and tell them : spend your beermoney on it this month as FOR TWO YEARS NOW

every time i bought some steem
the next day or week the price went down

maybe i'm just not good at selling but lying to someone i know about something that costs them REAL money ?

its ... beyond me ...
and HO hei , silver!

before anyone says "splinterlands" (and at the risk of being mistaken for jealous or trying to discredit, which i'm not)

Splinterlands is number one but they use dollar for a currency and steem as a business expense (the literal words of Ultimatt the unbeatable there (the last monster once you pass the secret deck ... to the right and then above...) the steemmonsters whale will give you a free account if it means you'll play AND they'll delegate SteemPower too , which means

what does that mean, precious ?

yes, indeed, players dont have to buy steem ... so , while they're clearly the best at doing business and a great flagship to expose the chain ... dont dig too deep b/c an actual investor doesn't look at the shiney you hold up, they're too much of a fox and thats why THEY have more money than YOU

make no mistake, all respect, i wish the same team could put some effort into a project that actually involves having to buy steem or something ...

gud (servers crash in ten i guess ?)

b/c that's how it is, he said it himself and on top of that
"business expense" usually means "tax deduction" ... which makes it double whammy, lots to learn there

but not the saviour of STEEM okay ... ? maybe good for steemit, not really for STEEM, you see the difference , precious ?

don't get me wrong , if they left there would like NOTHING to propagate steem with that's big enough left ... the others arent half bad but not as shiney in the sense of ready to impress with the promise of tomorrow money and

the plot just thickened :

that was the last verse for the day its almost half past 10 again (in the morning ...)


There has been a lot of progress done this year and Communities and SMT are on the verge of being delivered and will be a great step towards mass adoption and Steem becoming the blockchain of dApps, short term price means nothing. If we realize the Steem vision and people get to know about it, I am convinced we have a bright future here.


( edit below)
i'm not saying it doesn't have potential but as to mass adoption ... i doubt your local proverbial masses will be enticed by a network that requires payment to post more than one puppy a day , at the risk of being downvoted by anyone at any time ...

and the price ... as long as its hyperinflated it can simply mathematically not be bitcoin
so if the masses wont come there will be no advertisers and if the inflation wont stop i dont how the price can rise, theres a vast pool thats been mined at the very beginning, not vested in SP , just waiting to be sold of

in almost three years now, every single time i bought steem i saw the price drop a week after or so ... its euh
im gonna need to see it first ... but i'm sticking around , its like a pair of old shoes by now :)

(edit:) + plus

i have said these things more than once, its not just the inflation and the ninjamined pool , the few people i have actually asked (telling them i would give them a free account myself , where they didnt have to give their phonenumber, and id put some sp in it to start like the normal 15) were not interested after asking "can i just do like facebook" (talk to everyone at any time about anything for as much as i want whenever i want)
so the answer to that is "no you can't , that depends on how much SteemPower you have .."
"so how do i get it"
"well people can vote, but at the moment that takes a llooong time unless you get lucky" (im not about to lie to friends or family)
"or you can buy it"

so that was the end then for that, pretty normal people really ...
there's issues all around, the witness system is vulnerable te exploitation on all sides, there's plenty here who will sell off the moment they get : give 1000 CCC they sell for steem, give 100 steem they sell for ltc or something (these are facts, right, being positive about it does not make it go away)
the army of 15sp downvoters as i just found out seems to revolve around one witness vote :

(work in progress but it already shows and the original camillesteemr no longer has delegated sp and has 94 instead of 15 by now (nothing can be done about that but counter-vote)

thats WAY too complicated and the interest of Alice and Bob in what is defined as 'good' content by the happy few who are in charge is highly over-estimated

you have the splinterlands flagship but (and thats no offense because i think they do sound business the way they do it) they don't rely on the value of steem, they just got started on the chain and they act as the main exposure for it at this time, but in the end they work with dollars, not steem, they sell for dollar, not steem AND
correct me if i'm wrong, yabapmatt himself literally stated "Steem is a business expense for us" (which is awesomely correct thinking there, since i assume that means tax deduction on top , its BUSINESS, right, not charity) so if i read correctly the steemmonsters whale is mainly for promotion, AND to delegate SP to potential players so they dont miss out on anyone who would get an account otherwise (means those people dont have to buy steem, but they DO have to play splinterlands ... if you scrape off the salespitch and the cardonomics and whatnot (inflation in game items and devaluation on a new expansion for games is just a fact ... im not sure if cards can be lost other than losing your steemkey) if you scrape that off they come out with the most sane business plan available here
so they are GOOD for steemIT but not necessarily for steem ... no one who comes to play splinterland has a vested intrest in buying steem, not if they come for the game


at the risk of being mister negative .. i think someone needs to hold the candle to the facts because people seem to get high on dopamine jackpots all the time

if they went it would be a disaster but what WOULD be great is if they kicked a side-project that revolves around the currency STEEM itself (ofcourse ... why WOULD YOU do THAT if its going nowhere but down and you have your hands full with what must be their life's work at the moment, the masterpiece de resistance)

i try to keep it real , even if im supposed to go YAY, FREE DOWNVOTES will bring my grandma to the table to buy steem to post pictures of me when i was little (i just cant see that happening ...) as an exaggerated example

potential to the chain ? pretty HUGE , probably mostly untapped but it

i dont know it should maybe un-hinge from steem-it , get REALLY decentralized and first of all make sure witness votes can only be cast once
that requires a registered account ...
so the right to vote witness will require proof of id ... nothing abnormal there, and no obligations you dont HAVE to vote on witnesses, a bit like the states, right ?

there's nothing
to prevent any witness from having 10k accounts whales claim accounts all the time and vote witness for themselves , NOTHING to prevent that

so , unless you assume they're all like total Elliott Ness and superhuman ..?

and i got lost more but im out of RC and tired

that and the removal of negative voteweight

i had a worse idea where the reward pool comes from the pockets of the whales actually ...

good thing im not interested in politics hey, it doesn leave room for creativity, my stuff has been under attack several times by downvote trolls or cartels who dont even bother checking what it is and what it does

the way things are now ... and read a bit on the steem-engine tokens btw ... the draft on CATS make KITTENS mentions numbers like 10 STEEM and 50 STEEM so i assume they lost the illusion too already

i eagerly await the first proposal that doesn't spell 'save the whale' :)

in the mean time i'll just be doing what i do ... at current rates just voting and stuff i calculated it would take like 100+ years if i started withdrawing the revenue to get my money back

is that you mean by longterm :D


have a nice day, keep on going for it, but pro-active, okay, not re-gurgitating what the top 5 witnesses and emperor stInc dictates
disruption ... was the magic word ...
but in the age of disruption now conformity the norm
anyway ... you have a nice day, keep going at it, i will do the same lol (but if i have a business model ever i will take after splinterlands and make sure it doesnt rely on steem value there)


pardon the double reply but i feel i have to add this as some of the upper echelon would like "one account per head" ... when i say registered i mean only for witness votes with proof of id. The others i feel it should be possible to get as many accounts as you feel your creative exposure or tinkering with the chain / condenser and whatnot might require since
argument (hehe) : the steempower in it is yours so wether you put that in one account or disperse it over five makes no difference, you have to buy it anyway or you have to get voted on (by whales) anyway, the number is the same
in fact ... SP dispersed over several accounts costs less in curation as low sp -> low curation rewards, i think anything under 60sp gets nothing or extremely rare so in se thats actually beneficial to the draining of the pool


every time i tell myself im not gonna talk lol


innovation can come from any place so keep going




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Awesome, looking forward to your contribution

  ·  2년 전

I will try it when I finish the video. and young I hope to win



It really was!

Muy buen contenido 💜💜

I hate to burst your bubble, but we already have permissionless money (Bitcoin) with network effect and a multitoken blockchain with network effect (Ethereum). So why use Steem/SBD? They do not even hold their value very well. SBD cannot keep its peg to the USD. I can watch the Steem blockchain with a VPS paying around say $10 a month with a very small amount of hard disc and process payments. Let's see you do that with bitcoin (huge blockchain download size) or ethereum (also huge) that's not talking about transaction fees. We have better utility with Steem/SBD and there isn't such a fear in changing the way things work. Do these advantages translate into economic success? only the crazy "Mr. Market" will decide.

This is really a nice concept!

Just post a montage of youtube official hamstringing their own website. Done and done.

If the earth was steemit id probably be a worm in the soil, id pop my head up out of the soil every now and then, utter some words about my life and then burrow back down, im not blessed with the knowledge you guys possess but im pretty sure im still as happy as you are, i came for the community and i stay also for that now , the price of steem is largely irrelevant it could go up or down but the people we meet on this platform, our friends and communities are priceless and that is where the true value lies, I cant do much to help the Steem platform as mostly i dont understand the technical side of things, so im relying on you smart people to pull us all through and make our platform the place to be \o/

Here is my new elevator pitch ... wow 1 minutes goes quick ....

@stoodkev, Kindly find my piece below for your reference.

I don't know if this piece is fitting or not but as soon as got to know about it, wanted to come up with something.

Keep up the good work and stay blessed brother.

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This is actually going to take a while if a meaningful work can be done ✅
Anyways challenge accept
Let’s get to work and win this contest 💪🏻


Looking forward to your entry!

I think the best elevator pitch I've ever read about, was the one given for a TV show.

Having very little time to convince the executive of what his show was about and the value of it as an investment, his pitch was:

"MTV Cops"

The series was Miami Vice.

The concept was about a couple of young guys combining music, clothing styles and the ambiance of Miami with a traditional cop show. It worked.

It's simple, gets right to the point, while allowing the investor to imagine all of the possibilities involved with it as an investment.

While I won't be able to participate, I think we need to distill the essence of STEEM down to something short, punchy and memorable.

The pitch "MTV Cops" also linked the show with an established brand and demo. Best wishes to everyone submitting! :)