Bitshares tokens can now be listed on!

9개월 전

Well, we had a nice breakthrough! So, more good news. If you have a token on bitshares you can now get it listed on

What's the benefit?

The main way tokens have value is through use cases and sinks. A use case is when you can buy/sell/trade your token. A sink is when it's destroyed in exchange for a good or service. Listing tokens on an exchange is a use case. It means that your token has more utility because it can be potentially traded for other stuff.

What's it cost?

Cost is 1000 ENG.

To get ENG you could deposit bitshares on the exchange, trade for steem, and then trade for ENG.

What's the process

Someone from the community who wants a token listed contacts aggroed in Discord. They pay the fee to @steem-eng. They supply a logo (256x256) and tell us basics like name, symbol, decimal precision, URL, and max supply. Then we make the token and get it listed.

Whole process with back and forth is usually done in a few days.

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I wonder if the Steemit Inc team cringes every time they see you release a new Steem Engine update every week 🤣🤣🤣 at this point it’s laughable they don’t even have a testnet or anything else yet...


I can only imagine eli throwing things in meetings


I am imagining them wasting their time on SMTs when Steem-Engine did them that favor of creating them in entirety already. They need to be out in the hot sun putting up ADVERTISEMENTS about this blockchain or else nobody will learn about it. If we fall below # 100 by marketcap, NOBODY will learn about Steem and we will attract 0 investors. The Steem price will die if they don’t get off their asses and start EXTERNAL advertising. I mean I am a 24 year old kid with no marketing experience and even I know this......

I wished I could kept mine for more time... 🤣 (a few more years)

You guys move insanely fast 🚀


Do you have some time slowdown crystal so that you can work 3 months while only 3 days passes for everyone else?

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I had that notion 2 years ago... about crypto... now? Mindblowing!


Steem Engine is making STEEM the most underrated crypto out there ;)


At the moment... can't tell for sure if the most, but quite underrated I agree... especially if we consider the amount of real users using it it daily.

It would be cool to collect more than 1000 cryptocurrencies on CЕ. I am sure that the SE team can do it.

Было бы круто собрать на SЕ больше 1000 криптовалют. Уверен, что команде SЕ это под силу.

Bitshares getting back into cheap zone on the BTC chart

Wow, Steem Engine is getting better every day :)

I like how steem engine is working! This is really cool

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Always Amazing and @aggroed Getting Done and Making PALnet Better and Better Everyday with The Steem-Engine

So what's the need of bts anyway lol. 😉😉 Since steem engine can do all of the task

Here is another angle to attack.
I hope you can pull some off.
We are getting caught up with because of stinc's ineptitude.
Bch's transactions are almost free, almost instant, enough that folks won't care about that aspect in comparison to steem, imo.
We needed to use that two years for more than 'amassing more stake'.
Good thing you guys took the wheel.