and some clarity on pricing for Tribes

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Woah, just found Dude that made it hasn't made too much noise about it, but I'm really excited to see it. Candle stick charts, nice views, tabs. The whole thing is super convenient. We're working on rolling out a whole site and DEX UI update, but if you need something to look at for the mean time check it out!

I think I have to hire this dude... If you want to be recognized for this feel free to DM me in Discord and comment on the post. I know your Discord name, but not your steem user name.

Scot Pricing Clarification!

Hey, there's actually a lot of options to Scot. So, I asked my dude @zaxan to make these images to help display pricing. Hopefully this clarifies things a little more because it is complex.

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I dig it! This is a great option for people looking to build and GROW their own communities and projects. Gotta start stacking my ENG...CHEAPSKATE here I come!!
Thanks for this easy to understand post SIR DISCO.

@aggroed I been meaning to ask you but say SMT the full edition gets added to Steem. What will happen to ENG holders? Will ENG become a SMT tool builder provider and ENG used for payment?


I can’t speak for their plans exactly, but he’s mentioned a few times that the whole Scot/tribe protocol will still be operational as a separate product from SMTs. I imagine that’s SMTs are going to launch in a very basic manner and SCOT tribes will actually have more functionalities and options than SMTs. At the rate of improvement that Steem Engine is having, I imagine that SMTs will never actually catch up to having as many versatile features.

I do still see a point for SMTs but I also still see a point for Scot tribes no matter what. They’re 2 separate products. 1 (SMT) is a simple clone of Steem that’s operates at the blockchain layer and the other (SCOT) is a second-layer solution that offers a wider selection of options/customizations. — so a long winded way of saying that I think ENG will continue to be valuable as a resource in the future ;)

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One of the big differences could be decentralised (SMT) vs centralised (SCOT). I'd like to see steem-engine moving towards a decentralised model.

Wow this is dope right here shout out to the steem satoshi lol

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🤣 that’s a good one

Thanks a lot for your recommendation.
It's just a test version, which will be released officially on Monday night(Beijing Time) that is really a piece of cake to compare with the contribution you did for this community.
Thank you.


Let’s talk. You’re great. You should be part of the team.


看吧.... ^_^

@liuzhixiang working a new version
He said that the new version of scot today will launch on monday.

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We use @liuzhixiang to make this a lot of time, very good

@liuzhixiang made this site

Posted using Partiko iOS looks great but does have some glitches. For instance, I have 10,160 staked PAL but you’d never know that from looking at the listing:


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Congratulations man. It's sort of surreal to see you and Matt doing what an entire company couldn't do for years, IMO.

Didn't know about Neat.