Scotbot- Staking UI Enabled (one more step to go before scotbot is live and public)

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More good news. We (@yabapmatt) merged in the pull request that @beggars authored to enable staking on

If you own a token you now have the ability to enable staking. For a normal user staking works like turning Steem into Steem Power. You go in the wallet and can click the button that looks like a lock or unlock and that allows you to stake and unstake tokens.

For the token creator staking has 2 more steps.

Step 1. Click the "enable staking" option. Only the account that created it will see this option.

Step 2. Give staking some rules

Powering Up works like Steem where it's instant. Powering Down has 2 variables.

The first variable is how many days it takes to unstake a coin and the second variable is how many times that's broken down into smaller steps.

Steem is set to 91 days to unstake broken into 13 transactions.

You can set a variety of options here. If you wanted staking to happen rapidly then click 1 day and 1 transaction and 24hrs after your unstake you'll get the full amount. If you wanted to go slow you could choose 365 and 365 and every day it would release a sliver of your staked coins.

These values aren't changable for the tokens. They are set for all eternity once you choose them. So, be careful when you're setting this up!

Almost there!

We're nearly at the the finish line for V1 of Scotbot rolling out publicly. We're hoping in the next 24-48hrs we're there. Last step is figuring out some UI on the site for the automated sign up process for Scotbot. A lot of it is done. We're testing and should launch soon.

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I have no idea how y'all get so much done, it's extremely impressive. Great job to all 👍🏼

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Excellent footwork! I will share it with joy!

So, I was on a steem break while all this went down. Is this an alternative protocol to SMTs?


there are a few more stages of development before then, but that's the general idea.

Can't wait to see the first custom tokens with staking option, great work guys!

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Cool work.
What use will the staking be for? Will the token grow in value?

Excellent work ! Do you EVER sleep ? 😂😂😂

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Impressive development! good work.

You're upping the drama to new levels! Have a DRAMA.

To view or trade DRAMA go to

I think this would be great if Redfish SMT will turn to Staking. . .

Token Town approves!

I have recently been delving more into steem engine and I am so glad I have. Being able to buy and sell the tokens you want linked to the sites that use them, plus with staking about to go live for us all, it means tokens are more worthwhile and using Steemit + the dapps connected amazing.

Keep it up!

Wow @aggroed & @yabapmatt, moving quickly with this initiative 💪 Thanks for the update!

Very nice, love it. Excited about this feature. Great Job!