1 RARE Token Released (98 left before max supply)

8개월 전

A few months ago I created a token called RARE. The intent being only 100 will ever be minted. A precision of 0 means they cannot be split into fractions. A token is always one.

Today, another RARE Token has been released here for 50 STEEM. Every new token minted, the value of future released tokens will increase. The first was sold for 5 STEEM. This one is 50 and the next will be more.

I haven't worked out particulars, but the intent is token holders would get benefits (upvotes and other perks for holding a RARE Token).

First come first serve. A new token will be minted at a later undetermined date.

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Hope to see a free rare on my steem engine wallet.

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Great! I am just seeing this. Is there way one can have this token?

What are your plans about FUTURE token?

Can you tell me its purpose, any site coming up soon to mine it through upvote and any other beautiful thoughts you have about it.

I will love to know more and also work with others for it to be a success.


Way too expensive for me but maybe a RARE holder will someday be in dire straits and need to sell their RARE token at a huge loss. I can only dream.

Weird how RARE isn't currently as rare as CELL whose description states, "...Don't wait, invest today.", but no CELL tokens are available.