Announcing Steem Engine 2.0 Beta

8개월 전

The time has finally come to release this thing into the wild. The next version of Steem Engine is available to use today. All you need is your Steem account to log in and the beta can be accessed here: you can login using either the Steem Keychain browser extension (highly recommended) or your Steem password/private key.

There will be bugs

While we have done our best to ensure that the new DEX works the same as it did on the old site, there will be bugs. We have rebuilt the exchange from the ground up and expanded the scope; things might not work as intended or in some cases, we might have missed a feature entirely. There are some issues still being worked on over at GitHub, but we didn't want to hold back the release much longer.

When you encounter a bug, please create an issue over on the GitHub repository here, which will allow us to triage and track the issue. We also ask that you check an existing issue does not already exist before creating a new one.

While it might be tempting to post about any issues you find on Discord, your messages might get lost in the mix. If you could please follow the appropriate process for reporting a problem, it will help us resolve them a lot faster. We have also added in two issue templates into GitHub, one for reporting bugs and another for suggesting new features. These templates will make reporting problems easier and suggesting new features.

Throughout the beta period, we will be continuing to polish the site and make continual improvements. At times you might notice the site does not work as intended or strange side-effects as a result of changes being made. Overall, stability should not be much of an issue. But, it might not be perfect as we will be continually making releases daily, sometimes thrice-daily.

The design is also going to have some work done on it, especially for smaller screens and some quirks we have discovered through testing. We appreciate your patience throughout this process. And remember, if stability does become a problem or you find a feature you use is no longer there, the old DEX is still available over at

Beta period length

The beta will run for about two weeks before we switch over the main Steem Engine domain to use the new DEX. Running the beta will allow us to ensure everything is working as planned and iron out any bugs we find throughout the process. Provided we do not encounter anything too much of a blocker; this window shall remain unchanged. In the event of additional work or showstoppers met, we will update the community accordingly.

We will be assessing the site and stability at the end of week one. If we find that we are comfortable with the durability, there is the possibility of the beta ending sooner.

A brief summary of changes

  • Completely rebuilt with a new evolving design
  • Localised with support for a growing number of different languages
  • User settings panel
  • Customisable wallet view
  • Speed and stability improvements
  • Better user feedback and responsive improvements
  • Faster trading
  • More data on tokens (candlestick chart and depth options)
  • Backed by a powerful GraphQL layer

This is only the beginning

The new DEX was a necessary task to allow for all of the other exciting things coming shortly.

  • Dark mode - we originally were going to launch with dark mode by default, but realise not everyone loves dark mode and we would instead add it as an option shortly after launch
  • Non-fungible token (NFT) creation and management, including an NFT showroom
  • Additional pairings other than STEEM
  • Ability to legally launch projects on Steem Engine and solicit funding through the platform
  • Accredited investor verification process (couples with KYC)

Thanks to the team

Besides myself, a couple of other developers have been instrumental in getting us to this point on the front-end, @lion200 and @bait002 both of which like myself have busy lives and day jobs to balance as well as working on Steem Engine. The thanks go far and wide, not only the immediate front-end team but everyone who works on Steem Engine behind the scenes to keep things moving, especially to @aggroed for supporting everyone and providing the team with everything they need.

If you are a front-end developer and you would like to contribute to Steem Engine, please get in touch via Discord because you can never have too many developers. There is still much more to do, new features and ongoing maintenance and stability.

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Sign in isn't working at all it seems.. On Google Chrome.

Looks fucking epic otherwise


I second this.


This should be working now. Can you check?


Sure, one sec


Much better!


Beggars can't be choosers, eh...


We specialize in gift horse dentistry here on steem

Yay! Super good news...

Nice nice! Let’s get this party started!

Posted using Partiko iOS

I dont see an option to sign in (android)


Correct, we still have some UI fixes to do regarding mobile views. Feel free to create issues if you encounter other mobile issues. I created an issue for login/wallet link on mobile devices. Thanks!

This is running so much more smoothly than "old" SE!!!!!

BIIIG improvement. I especially like the chart and the possibility to choose favorite tokens.

Epicness level > 9k 🔥... testing now

Update: we can access @reggaesteem and other Tribes (on SteemPeak) directly 👀>🤯

This is awesome.
I run SteemQuest the Play-by-post RPG game here.
Can you do a post or point me to more info on NFT that you are working on.
It is what I need for my players to be able to trade items.

I am in the discord is that a better spot to discuss.

Love your work.

Hey, the transaction history doesnt seem to show, if the transaction was someone buying or selling?
I really liked this old version with the very obvious green for buy and red for sell.


Thanks for the feedback! I created an issue for this in github:
Will pick it up.

Looks great. Appreciate your efforts :)
One note, this 'SEND' gave me a little heart-attack as I clicked it, assuming I was powering up, not sending the SPT anywhere. Should it say, 'STAKE' instead?


Yes, that would make more sense :) Sorry for the almost-heart attack :D
Created an issue for this:
Will be picked up ;) Thanks!

can the new one be logged into with keychain?


Yes. That is the preferred method of logging in and using the exchange, to be honest. Otherwise, whenever you perform a trade or anything on the blockchain, you're having to go through Steem Connect which is a PITA.

Looking good beggars will give it a try and report any bugs!

Awesome, will test it out :)

Looks much better!

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@beggars, Thank you so much for your kind update. Will visit this new Steemengine Interface and will explore. Keep doing the wonderful work and good wishes from my side. Stay blessed.

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💯 I want to thank-you for what you're creating! It's awesome to earn so many tokens. Take good care of yourselves! Have fun. Steem on! ❤❤❤

Well, I pray that it will be better than the current version


Save your prayers, haha. I have been using the new version exclusively for weeks now, I already prefer it even with its quirks still being ironed out.


Thanks for the frank reply

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Just amazing!!! What a huge leap forward. Congrats to the team!

How up to date is steem-engine? I can not get in and don't seem to be the only one. Some help/info would be nice.
Especially if it comes to mobile users only. 💕

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I've been using the next site ever since I found it lol and i'm not going back!