It's Time To Start Buying ENG: NFT's On Steem Engine Are Coming

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You might have missed it, but a couple of weeks ago Aggroed posted a little Steem Engine update where he detailed all of the things happening on Steem Engine and one of those being NFT's.


Work on the contracts has been completed by @cryptomancer and NFT's are currently on the testnet for you to try out. This means you will be seeing NFT's very shortly when Aggroed and Cryptomancer release them.

Work on the UI on is also almost completed. You can already create NFT's on the testnet, shortly issuing and editing NFT's is the next step alongside the showroom. Things are happening on all fronts.

If you are planning on creating and issuing your own NFT's, now is the time to start buying ENG tokens. There are some great prices on the exchange as we speak, you will require ENG for both creating NFT's as well as issuing them and additional parameters.

Stock up on ENG now before the price shoots up after NFT's launch. Everyone is going to be creating their own NFT tokens, it will be the second coming of Steem and Steem Engine, bigger than the ability to create custom tokens were.

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How much are they going to keep shoving down our throats, lol! First TOKENS, then SMT, now NFT NPC tokens! Yeah i might buy eng on dip to sell high on spike in a month! lol Not sure but monkey see monkey do!


You are so right @aggroed is now trying to screw us all over with a new hive engine demanding we RESERVE our tokens for 30 days or some pussy shit, trying to cuck us, make us pay for this new hive engien ALL OVER AGHAIn for ALL 4 of my tribes which i paid over 4000 ENG for all of them... fucked man so fucked

steem engine tribes should have all been made free and the hosting and work should have been offloaded to PEOPLE, not kept by like the same 3 guys... proof of 3 brains basically

its so sad man

I dont understand what NFTS are.. someone please point me at a NFT for dummies post.


So with nft you could take a steem monster card and use it to unlock a character in a fighting game or something else in another game for that matter. From my understanding it makes in game items able to be used across multiple games if that functionality is set up in the game.


Thanks for explaining, still unclear though. Appreciate reply.


non fungible token means it is a unique thing, e.g. every steemmonster card is unique. instead of e.g. steem token, every steem is same.

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Someone should develop an ENG leasing system.

@beggars, These words tells that more and more exciting times are ahead. Thank you so much for this update and stay blessed.

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Sounds great. So it seems to me that Steem Engine is a true decentralized exchange built on the steem blockchain. Am I delusional or can someone verify this?


You are correct. Steem Engine works off of custom JSON operations. The Steem blockchain itself is the single source of truth for whether a verification went through or not. We will have consensus in the new year, allowing witnesses to verify Steem Engine transactions as well.

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Hi there, im from Germany and im not sure i understand it correctly- will this be the chance to create your own Krypto Kitty or something like this?
I would like to create a projekt, but i dont have developper skills. I do create ideas for projekts, and would like to know if i could plan and do it without a developper skill