Moving RARE Token To An NFT. Are You a RARE Token Holder?

6개월 전

For a while, I have been running an experiment of a token that is sporadically released and limited to a maximum number of 100 tokens called RARE. Right now, there are 3 that have been released.

Now that NFT's have been released on Steem Engine, it seemed fitting that RARE migrates over to an NFT instead of a standard token. It's something that can be owned but transferred or sold if the holder chooses to do so.

Are you a RARE token holder?

If you are, I will need to reissue your RARE token to you. So, what I will need you to do is send me your RARE token and then you will receive a 1:1 replacement in the form of the new RARE NFT token instead. Fundamentally, nothing will change, but technically you will hold a new type of token with the same purpose.

Once the market is completed, another RARE token will be put up for sale on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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