Purchase one of the first Steem Engine NFT's: Steem Sheet (CELL)

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This is an idea I have been toying with for quite a while now. I almost attempted it before NFT's existed and when work started on them, I held off. Now, you can get your hands on one of the first NFT tokens in existence on Steem Engine: CELL.

The CELL token can be seen on Steem Engine Next here.

What is Cell?

Part experiment, part original idea. Cell is a decentralised spreadsheet built on the Steem blockchain. Purchasing a CELL token allows you to own a cell inside of a column in a spreadsheet.


Like a spreadsheet, you can purchase a cell within a column. Columns go from A to Z and cells can be an infinite number. Which means users can purchase as many cells as they want. The metadata within the NFT stores what column and cell it owns. A single NFT can only own a cell in a column. Purchasing 10 cells is 10 separate NFT tokens.

Because of technical limitations, the NFT signifies ownership by specifying the owner and cell that it owns, however, the size of the content is limited because of constraints on how big a string can be within an NFT.

I was going to originally keep track of the content in a separate database, but then it wouldn't be decentralised and users would not be able to edit their own content on any UI outside of the steemsheet website.

The website is simple. NFT's are represented as a spreadsheet, the content within a cell is displayed to the end-user on the UI - because content is stored within an NFT, any UI could theoretically display Steem Sheet content.

If you want to get crafty, you could actually buy multiple cells and then use them as a database of some kind with a custom API to retrieve and update content within them.

Are there limitations to what I can put into a cell?

Cells are basic string values. You can put anything you want into a cell, within reason. Anything illegal, pornography, any attempt to scam/defraud/attack users will result in the cell getting disabled. You will still own the cell, but it won't do anything. You will lose the right to transfer ownership of your cell, it will be blacklisted.

Use it to advertise, put a link in there or whatever. Eventually, I am thinking it would be great to support embedding images (with maximum size constraints) allowing images to be embedded. For now, just basic string values. I will also consider expanding the scope to support other types of content as well.

How do I purchase?

Two currencies are currently supported for purchasing CELL tokens: ENG and STEEM. Other currencies will be eventually supported when the portal is finished. Purchasing is currently manually handled until the technical aspect of the site has been completed (understandably, I have been preoccupied with getting Steem Engine to support the NFT launch).

If you are interested in purchasing a cell (think of it as an early pre-order), you need to leave a comment below with the columns and cells you want. Early users will get the good cells, the price to purchase a cell up to number 20 in columns A to K is 100 ENG or STEEM per cell. After the first 20 cells in columns A to K have been taken, it will cost 15 ENG or STEEM to purchase a cell.

Please ensure you have transferred your payment after you leave a comment. Also, please check the comments before transferring or making a purchase to ensure the cells you want have not already been taken.

If you want to purchase A1 for example, leave a comment that says. A1. If you want to purchase multiple cells, put them in list form like the following:


If you want a different account to receive the NFT, please also leave that in your comment or the account that left the comment will receive the NFT.

When will the UI be live?

Within the next few weeks, you will be able to purchase cells automatically and determine if they are available or not. For now, I will be manually handling the issuance of CELL tokens to all buyers. The site will be live within the next week or two as well.

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hey beggars. I tried to create my NFT and it will not process....


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Man, this is great lol good job @beggars thanks for putting in all this work!