HoboDAO Update: Auditor Coordination

11개월 전

HoboDAO Update: Auditor Coordination

Hi HoboDAO Auditor team!

Plus anyone interested in learning about Auditors...

This area HERE will be for auditor reports, where you can post your HoboDAO financial reports onto the blockchain and receive an upvote from the HoboDAO main account as well as receive your rewards for work performed.
While the focus has been on helping the Caster team to grow and learn their role, we have not been putting in a lot of time on helping the Auditors. Now that @a1-shroom-spores is leading the Caster operations we're going to be working on coordinating the Auditor team.
Why will we be having Auditor Reports?

We can leverage some of our upvotes as a means of rewarding our Casters and Auditors that work hard for the HoboDAO, while the general community and the Senators can see the transparency that will exist in the HoboDAO. Caster scoring should be transparent for the community, and so should the financial activities (such as delegation rewards and contest winnings) by auditors be transparent.

An auditor guide will be made and presented to the community soon so that you can familiarize yourself with the role.
Active engagement will be a crucial part of being an auditor. While Senators only need to be involved in major decisions, auditors and casters are part of regular HoboDAO operations. Delegators, contest winners and casters all need to be rewarded in a timely manner for their contribution to the HoboDAO.

Auditors will have active key access to at least two and possibly more accounts. One account, as the account with the large store of HBO tokens will require multiple signatures from auditors in order to move the tokens. This is to prevent abuse and harm to the HBO token economy. Another account will provide auditors with single signature access of the active authority, which is to allow auditors to distribute rewards in a more efficient manner.

Auditors can collectively sign a transaction from the multi-signature account to send a modest amount of HBO to the single signature account and then rewards can be distributed in a fast and convenient way. Auditors may even employ a bot to distribute the rewards from the single signature account if they wish.

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