MicroGuide - Steem-Engine - "Buy,Sell, explore & Test" #1

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I guess many people in the future and maybe now, will need this info. The present post serie pretend to show you some important actions and information about Steem-Engine.

Photo by K Zoltan from Pexels. source

Hello there Crypto-Wacos, I hope you are having a great time. If you are having troubles in life please, do not worry and try to look beyond and find solutions. Life is not easy but I guess the real pourpose about being here and now is to live, experience everything and do our best to achieve all the things we really want. So do not discourage yourself because the best things in life require time & a good effort.

In the present series of Micro-Guides, we will see the following:

  • Introduction to Steem-Engine. A nice tour.
  • How to BUY a token step by step.
  • How to SELL a token step by step.
  • How to create your own token, within the Test Network. Some things we can test.
  • How to create a token in the real network.
  • How to ask/check about airdrops.
  • Tribes. Definition, use cases, list of tribes.

A Nice "Hype"

I have been in steemit since quite a while and when I see all this movement around the token's system, it makes me feel very motivated. A secret: I am also getting ready to deploy my own token but some things need to be well thought in order to get more probabilities of success, so I will take the necessary time to get a great idea and to make a plan. In the mean time, I will enjoy of all this hype around the tokens, watching how too many Steemers are getting provoked with all this big amount of energy.

It is been quite a while since I don't see so much activity and this only means from now on the future will be better and better.


Developed by @harpagon, uses Steem smart contracts to gives us the opportunity to create our own tokens, tribes, miners and open a big space of posibilites. I have been doing some tests, buying some tokens, staking some of the famous ones and all of this, I want to share with you guys so you can make your own experiments and have a nice guide about all the things you can do, and most important how to do them.

Loggin In

We have multiples choices to log in.

  1. We can use the regular way using our Steem User name + our private posting key.
  2. Using the KeyChain - STEEM Wallet , available for Google Chrome Browser.

> If you take a look of the picture on the right upper side, you can see the both ways you can log in into the platform. If are not even there, click on the icon "Sign In" located on the right upper side of the welcome page. Or you can access directly by navigating to this address: https://steem-engine.com/?p=sign_in

Ok, I am inside the matrix what else can I do now?

We can perform many activities which go as:

  • Navigate to our wallet by clicking on the "Wallet" button on the left upper side of the top menu. In here you can visualise all the tokens you have so far. Do not worry if you have none the important thing is that you can buy some. Let us think about the future. Take a closer look on the image on the right side that explain some key points.
    • Inside our wallets. We can Deposit and Withdraw. We have multiple choices to deposit/withdraw as: STEEM, Bitcoins & many others. 1. We can also convert many other crypto-currencies thanks to Privex.io
    • Note:There is a 1% fee on all deposits and withdrawals.
  • We can also take a look on the current token list just by clicking the "Tokens" button. As we do this, it will shows us the full list of tokens. By hitting each field in the upper section you can arrange the token list by: Symbol, Token Name, Market Cap & many others. Tip: this may serve you to find the hottest tokens and also the ones whom have more capital so far.
    • If you hit the "Info Button" img, the system will deploy the information about the token. You can also navigate to the website or even the steemit profile of the user who has deployed it.
    • By clicking on the "Trade Button" img, the system will take you to the internal DEX. Here we can perform BUY/SELL trades of any token available for this feature. I will explain more details in the BUY/SELL section.
    • If you click the "Send" button
    • By clicking on the "History Button" img, the system will take you to a windows where you can see the history of transactions and also send this token to a steemit's account, if you have any in your possession.
    • Note: When we are the creators of a token, we can see more actions. I will explain a bit further in the TEST section.

1: As soon as you hit deposit STEEM for example, a windows will show you your current STEEM balance in your steemit's account. When you deposit you are converting your STEEM to STEEMP(Steem Pedged) which are our backed tokens to perform operations within the Steem-Engine.

The Market

If we click the "Market" button the system will take us to the internal DEX where we can perform Buy or Sell a token.

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 20.25.03.png

If you navigate bellow the chart, you can see the inputs for orders of sell or buy.
Tip: When we talk about demand or BUY we talk about the people whom are willing to pay some STEEMP to get the tokens. When we talk about offer or SELL, we talk about the people who has this particular token and want to sell them or trade them for STEEMP.

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 20.25.14.png

STO - Security Token Offering

With the capacity of creating tokens within the STEEM blockchain, a new era is ahead of us. Basically we can now raise funds and offer a very robust system for any kind of startup and business. This why the Steem-Engine team has developed this options in order to attract more investors to Steemit and also to provide a way to help people from all over the world to raise funds. In this way we can become richer and invest our well earned STEEM & tokens without leaving the Eco-Sy-steem.

Also in this part of the SE platform we have options to deploy our Tribe or even to deepen into the whole spectrum of possibilities. There is an option to get legal advice and all the proper documentation in order to lunch a project under the sight of the law. Take a look anytime: https://sto.steem-engine.com/#/launch/launch

The Steem-Engine Explorer

As we have in steemit the steemd.com in order to look and track all the transactions within the STEEM blockchain, in SE we have https://steem-engine.rocks/. If you type an account name withint the box located at the right upper corner, you may see all the activity of that account from all the tribes & sidechain.

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 20.55.38.png

Tip: When opening it may be a bit slow depending on your internet connection speed but anyhow be patience.

So this is it for now. Enough material to process for now. In the next "episode" we will see how to buy/sell and how to perform tests within the test network. PEACE OUT.

All the images used in this post are property of Steem-Engine and pexels, respectively.

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