Can we have 0 fee DEX ?


Currently I am thinking about 0 fee dex ...
but I have an idea
a swap like wax world
Start with 1000 STEEM and 1000 STEEMP
start rate for steem/steemp is 0.001000000005 STEEM to 0.001 STEEMP or 0.001 STEEMP to 0.000999999995
if someone buy 0.001 STEEMP with 0.001000000005 STEEM
the rate goes to 0.001000000015 STEEM to 0.001 STEEMP or 0.001 STEEMP to 0.001000000005 STEEM
if someone give 0.001 STEEMP now
he gets 0.001000000005 STEEM
and the price go down by 0.00000001/STEEM
the price formula is ( current price + amount * 0.000005 ) * amount
whats your idea ?
I am writing a js to calculate
there's a few problem to solve

  1. how we pay the 0.000000000005 STEEM ?
  2. where we get the 2000 Steem ?
  3. will steem-engine reject to pay ( redeem these STEEMP ? )
    update: actually we just need 500 safe because user can buy/sell steemp in @dlike with 0.25% fee
    @steem-engine costs 1%
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