🎮 Attention Gamers!! How To Embed Your Live Gaming Stream directly into Your Steemit Post! 🎮

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Bring on the Live Gamers!!

You know you Want To!

Twitch doesn't work...and a link from YouTube gaming isn't an option. But I have found a workaround for this! Just follow these very simple steps and your live stream will work inside your Steemit post!!

Step 1: Set up OBS...it's FREE!

Get setup to stream on Youtube's gaming section at gaming.youtube.com. I use Open Broadcast Software myself and this video will walk you through the setup for broadcasting to your Youtube Gaming channel:

Step 2: Get the embed code!

The easiest method once you're streaming is to just goto your own channel (just www.youtube.com not gaming.youtube.com) and you can get the embed code from there. You can use the actual link...but those can't be centered and I'm rather anal on how my posts look.

[NOTE: In case all you can get to is your Youtube gaming channel...use these instructions.]
Once you are streaming to Youtube Gaming, go to your channel where the URL will start with a gaming.youtube.com/watch address. As you will see the only share option here is a direct link (versus the normal embed) which doesn't actually work to show a video in a Steemit post.

All you have to do is change the gaming.youtube.com part of the URL to www.youtube.com (make sure to keep the rest of the URL the same, just change gaming to www.) This will then reload the page without the gaming overlay, making it look like any other youtube video or stream page. From here, simply click the share button, select embed, and copy the iframe link they provide you.

Just paste this embed/iframe link into your post...and you are set to go!

Here is a previous live stream of All Steemians playing Paladins as an example!

I've not tried it myself, but there is a pay-for service called ReStream.io that lets you stream Twitch and YouTube at the same time!

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Image Sources:
Screenshot was from a live Steemit stream that was embedded here many months ago.

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I'm having trouble with this. It won't let me embed the live stream. It says it is disabled and that I have to enable monetization but I can't enable that until I have 10,000 views and my channel gets reviewed. Any help please I've actually been meaning to talk to you about this on STP but I always forget.


Yep, I'll def work with you to get it figured out. I hadn't hit that when I'd set it up. Sure we can figure it out.


Not sure if this will help you guys but here is a link that explains the iframe embed method. Problem is i'm not sure if you can use this method on Steemit. Someone with more knowledge of html will have to test it :) https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/v5/guides/embed-video/

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If you write 339 words in a row you'll have helped delay the zombie apocalypse by just that little bit more.


339 words in a row

just doing my part to save the world ;-)

Can't wait to see dongers on Steamit :))


It looks like you have a lot of fun!

Thanks. I needed that info.

Great resource! I plan to live stream one of my Dev Blog entries pretty soon, and give my followers a behind the scenes look at how the game is being developed.

I guess my brother-in-law might be interested in doing this.
Thanks for the post.

Wow - That is seriously cool. I am no gamer but used to be a nerd in my college days. Therefore, I still get a thrill when someone finds workarounds like this. Makes me pick up my PS3 controllers again and post some gameplay! (Though PS3 and those games would be seriously outdated now I guess. LOL)

Its best I focus on my hobby of wildlife photography and travel. I would be honored if you check my latest blogs when you have time. Your comments will be very valuable to enrich my experience. Thanks.

That's awesome! I wish I could add my twitch stream! Would have been fun. As a partner I am not allowed to stream on other networks such as YouTube so....

Thanks for the info! Maybe in the near future....

Nice that you check these things out!💖

Good post And help, again. Sadly i do not have enough time to start gaming as i am to busy steeming!

so much to learn lol

Good post and good game...

This just save a friend from more stress, thanks for this post...

This post is a pretty decent solution to a problem I sort of have with the platform. Thanks for sharing!

Also, how in the world do you get those cool little figures in the titles of your posts?

that will help ^_^

Awesome! Great to hear :) Thanks for the info

This Was a really helpful article! Thank you so much!

great topic @sykochica i want stream on steemit ^_^




great post! thx, I'll try it

Nice! I'll will try it today, thank you.

Any idea if you can do this with https://www.vimm.tv ?