Hey Minnows This Could Be Costing You Upvotes, Followers & Money !!!

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Hey My Steemit Gang…

Finding success on steemit is not so easy. And like many people, you came on steemit seeking success. You have great value to offer and you want to be a success. You see others with great payouts and you want that too.

And though it is good to want it, there is a learning period that is involved.

But you have an eagerness for success and that eagerness have you doing things that are costing you followers, upvotes and the potential high payouts that you seek.

So if you are new to the steemit community and you want success fast you must devise a way to get there fast- and what is the quickest way to do it?

Asking For Upvotes And Follow Back


I have seen so many newbies doing this that’s quite unbelievable. You see someone else do it, you think it’s a great idea so you do it too. Afterall, you’re new here so you are just following along.

Question: Have you ever taken the time to notice how many people upvote that comment or respond to it?

If you have, you will notice that everyone just ignore the poster. Actually, it could be seen as spamming. Do not do it, do not ask people to follow you. Mostly all who sees you will not follow you but you just wasted your time by writing a comment that will cause others to ignore you.

You could have taken that time to comment on the post. Afterall, you would not want to spend your time creating a post and looking for valuable feedback and followers only to have someone else come on your post asking for followers.

Had you taken the time to add value, say something meaning in your comment, you could have gotten your comment upvoted, make friends and get followers. Instead, you’ll just get ignored.

Steemit Can Be Challenging

We all know that steemit can be challenging to a newbie, it is a whole new world. Something that you have never experienced before. And you have seen others do it so you think it might be a great idea. But it’s not. Give value and value will come back to you.

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I have gained followers just by going on other people’s post and offering value, then I get upvoted for my comments. And then those people see me as having something to say that is valuable to them and they follow me.

This is not an easy platform to navigate and it does take time. But I promise you that if you put the time in it and not try to take shortcuts, you will become successful.


Take your time and build your reputation and followers. This is not a race, steemit will be around for a long time. So you don’t have to get the big payday tomorrow. Start small, learn and grow. There were people on instagram that was building their following for 2 years before instagram became famous. When it did those people were able to be seen as influencers and now they are receiving their big paydays.

So be patient, success will come. Don’t try to take shortcuts that will just cost you your reputation and followers.

Make valuable comments on other people’s post and do not spam by asking them to follow you and upvote you. Give value and it will come back to you many times over.

I do hope that this post has inspired you to take action that will make you more successful on steemit. I would love to get your feedback and comments.

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thanks for the advice my first week here has really been rough still trying to find my footing


Welcome to the community. It will get easier you just have to spend time learning the ropes. I thank you for stopping by and comment. I wish you the best of success.


Just keep at it, man. I have been here almost three months and I did not have any real growth until the last two weeks (I am still tiny but I have been building a small following). The advice given in this post is great and it does work over time.

There are also some resources set up to help smaller accounts too. Some work better than others so do your research first.

The only thing I can add is try to keep your quality of work as high as you can. Sometimes you will see people make money on throwaway posts but don't be tempted to do the same thing (at least not too often) because, in the long run, good content is what keeps people coming back to your page instead of just following and forgetting.

Good luck


Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the encouraging words given to the new minnow. It is hard but I am glad you are having success. The quality content is key and I will remember to add that to a later post because it will cause minnows to be tempted to put up crappy post to get upvoted. Congrats on your success!!!

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Thank you for sharing this extremely helpful article. Many new users are overwhelmed and do not understand the mechanics of the platform, and some just stop using out of frustration. Guides such as this and those that focus on minnow development are vital for the platform.

Thanks again...

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