Development of a joint marketing and PR strategy of the Steem ecosystem - first results


Why would anyone use Steem longterm? What would help achieving more loyal users on Steem?

SOS-forum no 5 dealt with these questions. @pennsif and his guests @anomadsoul @clixmoney @jongolson @mcfarhat @paulag @rhondak @starkerz @surfermarly @ura-soul
@whatsup came up with ONE answer to the first question: COMMUNITIES.

For the second question NINE actions were topic of the discussion:

Clean up the externals (wikipedia)
Facilitate onboarding
Rewards for onboarding new users
Make Steem more attractive for consumers
Use social media to "steal" their users
Hide the STEEM stuff
Build pathways to sneak users in
Focus on communities not rewards
Mobilise Steem army (Steemians)

Nine good ideas! Which one is the most impactful? What is feasible? Since there is no board to decide, Steemians where asked to give their opinion via polls. This is the answer - achieved in a completely decentralised way, based on the opinion of 23 Steemians:

Portfolio Steem Forum no 5 results.png

What to do with this? Avoid wasting energy! Concentrate on the most impactful and most feasible actions! You'll find these in the upper right corner. And don't waste your time on those further down or to the left.

You think, the result isn't correct? The Steem ecosystem should go another pathway? Polls are still open until Friday night.

You'd like to dive deeper into the survey? Here are some participants' comments.

No 1 How important is cleaning up externals to achieve more loyal users on Steem?

@xiore This strategy has a high viability, we have material and human resources, but its impact could be on a half scale, under the premise what is measured can be improved.
@cryptocurator I didn't personally look for third party endorsements of "Steemit" from websites before I got involved. But I can see why this will be important to ensure the messaging is clear and accurate to the wider public, potential new sign ups but also to the press community.
@darlenys01 Anything that affects the quality of our platform must be changed, the tools are viable, although the impact will be medium because the context does not act as the main characteristic for the users to be lelaes, in fact there are other communities with There are results that use these external means, but one could start, any percentage of help counts in these moments.

No 2 How important is facilitating of onboarding to achieve more loyal users on Steem?

@xiore Undoubtedly an arduous work, but essential to achieve the desired community.
@shredz7 Especially interested in a 'freemium' model for free accounts on Steem. Talk to @jarvie from SteemPeak about this, it's a great idea.
@darlenys01 The user experience from the beginning is of vital importance, the way we enter a certain platform marks this place forever, when we go somewhere and make the entrance pleasant, we will never forget that place, we always want to return. the queuing theory would work, a happy user = constant multiplication.

No 3 How important are rewards for onboarding new users to achieve more loyal users on Steem?

@xiore We will have the tools, but the road to loyalty is a bit complex, this strategy can have an average impact.
@darlenys01 When reward is offered, then users b@xiore Undoubtedly an arduous work, but essential to achieve the desired community. egin to refer users for the reward, that does not guarantee loyalty to the platform, which will guarantee loyalty are those users who have found a way to develop their talent in a community and that does not I see it as a job, but as a delight. I say it from my experience, when I put the first users in the community I manage, I did it by evaluating the feasibility of my vision in the worst scenario, otherwise I would have done so, in These moments when the price of the steem is not in its best stage, the community and the work would have been left alone, that guaranteed me the continuity? Create a team with a sense of belonging and love for what they do, that they know there are good times and some not so good, and even so, they give everything for what they believe.

No 4 How important is making Steem attractive for consumers to achieve more loyal users on Steem?

@kay-leclerc Improve the UI and the help areas! New users are immediately lost when coming in. Good bloggers even mediocre ones come from the world of WP where formatting and publishing is easy. They're immediately tossed into having to learn a method new to many - Markup. Then they have to learn a payment system when they're used to Paypal and other automated systems that toss money straight into their checking accounts without lifting a finger and a dollar is a dollar - always. Now they have Steem, and SBD and voting power and transfer to an outside agency to get conversion to crypto and then to fiat. They're directed to outdated help articles, can't easily find how to leverage tags and search terms for better engagement and reach. They know nothing about the all important groups (Like Busy) unless they stumble upon them. This clutter and chaos is the single largest obstacle to getting good writers and active people to come to Steem and to stay as contributors to Steem. Every person I've brought here has complained loud and long about this and the lack of tool tips and contextual help.
@darlenys01 Loyalty is important because it allows us to give confidence to other people, with loyalty our friendship acquires much more value, because we provide confidence and security to those who believe in us, so it is important to have an attractive platform to reinforce those values.
@taty17 Users will always prefer packages that are attractive for their purposes.
@gadrian Users will always prefer packages that are attractive for their purposes.

No 5 How important is use social media to "steal" their users to achieve more loyal users on Steem?

@xiore It is extremely beneficial to address all social networks, the technology was made to use it with intelligence.
@kay-leclerc I think that once a decent help system were setup IF groups of SM users came over, and were able to start out with other friends and followers it would be possible for it to work. Single early adopters have had difficulty bringing others with them in the past. The audience here isn't big enough and it feels like starting over from scratch. Going from 10 or 50 or 100 interactions a day down to maybe 1 that isn't spam quickly cools off any built up enthusiasm. Toss in the poor help system and it creates roadblocks. In the past, the long wait for entry was a problem, but now, quick access but with no power to leave comments or votes quickly kills off the enthusiasm. So it will be difficult to get people to move from their comfort zone to something new. You have to have soemthing that makes them want to come here - new opportunities they won't get in current areas they are active in, new markets, a privacy level they aren't getting elsewhere, things like that. Steem needs to present itself as the answer to the problems that are appearing in other platforms - address the privacy concerns of FB, address the differences in fair payouts that's lacking on YouTube, problems like that.
@darlenys01 Social networks are the biggest impact of the moment and those who lead them have the power in their hands.
@taty17 inevitable, it is something considered mandatory.

No 6 How important is hiding the STEEM stuff to achieve more loyal users on Steem?

@cryptocurator I don't think we should do this. Important for people to understand the mechanics even if it's in its simplest form at first.
@kay-leclerc Don't hide it - EXPLAIN it! Make it clear what the differences between each "thing" are. Start hiding stuff that touches on money and payouts and risk the "scam" label. Be clear and upfront in easy to understand way and that will yield benefits. Hide it or make it even more difficult to find than it is now, while still talking about transparency and it begins to look like a deception is being practiced.
@darlenys01 This will not have a good impact, because the user will always be inclined to know about that.

No 7 How important is building pathways to sneak users in to achieve more loyal users on Steem?

@xiore the creation of via is a task that will use multiple resources but faithful users will be obtained.
@kay-leclerc An excellent method of getting users to see and want to explore what Steem has to offer.
@darlenys01 It is a pretty risky option, but only ideas if the scenarios are given is all or nothing.

No 8 How important is focussing on communities not rewards to achieve more loyal users on Steem?

@xiore If they are based on communities as their word indicates, at the time of fighting, attending, creating, these communities will make a single team, will result in improvements and long-term global rewards.
@kay-leclerc Loyalty is not based on money. Money plays into it, but people are loyal to ideas, and other people, the money becomes the icing on the cake, not the cake itself. Pitch community first, money second.
@taty17 The universal law of sowing and harvesting, where the "I" has to move to the background momentarily if we want to advance in the platform, the idea is to empower leaders in action with a multiplying effect and then reap the rewards.
@gadrian ocusing on the communities seems like a great idea. But competition is much higher at that level, because everyone (not in crypto) has communities. But very few have rewards... yet. Let's keep that in our minds, although influencers are on any platform for extending their influence, not for the rewards we would be able to offer from the reward pool.

No 9 How important is mobilising the Steem army to achieve more loyal users on Steem?

@xiore It can be mobilized but this will depend on previous decisions.
@kay-leclerc Most people don't "buy" something unless one of two things happens - brand recognition and/or recommendation from a person they trust. I'd look at why people aren't already promoting Steem and solve those issues first, and then mobilize the army. Maybe another poll that asks users why or why not they mention Steem in other communities especially those where they have more influence. You could be surprised at the answers and those answers should be addressed or the effort will not be as effective as it
@darlenys01 In reality, this approach is mobilization, to those who seek and why they seek it?
@gadrian The community won't fight every marketing 'battle' as an army. There will be ups and downs in involvement, so you can't rely on its continuous support on every challenge. Moreover, sometimes our actions together may look like spam instead of hitting the intended goal of support.

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Interesting first results and reading the different arguments.

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Perhaps you should loose the world 'loyal'
thin, about utility and return on investment.
If I spend a ton of time writing an essay..and some craven wimp flaggs it...where's the fun in that?
Why would I want to waste my time doing that?

If I spend any time at all creating a post...and the only comment I get, if I get any at all.
"nice post. please upvote me".

Why are bots allowed.
Why did Hardfuck20 effectively eliminate low SP users?

Many if not MOST of my readers has less SP than I did. We had a good time before HF20..then suddenly they gone.

Of course I'm a new guy here...only been on steemit for two and a half years...38, ooo post and comments...

just saying.


Ah, yah got old and lazy... maybe... well I ain't gonna say...


yup..I'm old and lazy.
you say that like it's a bad thing.

ya know the bad part about getting old.
most of the people you grew up with didn't.

consider an endurance race...
how many survive to the end?
what is the end?
the end is defined as when the last of the original contender Die.
How many boomers remain...ya think?


Younger than you sir, and always much respect. Anyone that would f^ck with my Vietnam Vets will answer to this young boomer. Unlike many of my contemporaries, I am still here...

Persian Gulf Vets? We are dying quicker than Vietnam Vets, yet we are the biggest defenders of them. They made us soldiers, the made us Marines. All I ask is earn the love an respect we have given. No *judgment here sir.. Once again, I say, (with understanding I have gotten lazy too!) INSPIRE ME AGAIN, your inspire me? Gives me the strength to inspire the generation after me. I do not put this burden on you sir..

You, sir have through the many things have shared (which I watch, even though I don't always upvote), called others to step up. Help me to step up, would you? Help me to be a man that you would say, I am proud of him. My Uncle, like you served in Vietnam (a Captain of Marines). My generation? Lost in the middle. We are baby-boomers an yet not.

I joined my Marine Corps in 1980. The Vietnam thing was still fresh. Joining the military was not a popular thing. I could go on and on...

All I am saying is no different that what anyone else is saying,

QUIT FUCKING COMPLAINING! Be part of the solution sir, not part of the problem! Otherwise, just continue to be part of the old-school STEEM circle jerk where many are comfortable. Sorry, times are changing!

You legacy is connecting to mine. You have *put yourself out there, as I have.

I beg you sir, Stop complaining and get involved...


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Oki Doki! Just sent a bit more!


One person's complaining is another person's method of raising awareness.


Ah, yah got old and lazy... maybe... well I ain't gonna say... then again one liners with a link? Maybe works for old timers and us newbies need to work for upvotes...

Give us a break, we were not born with a retirement..., nor were you. Don't hate us youngins, we are the future...


you youngin's ain't my future.
from what I can tell your generation is pretty much trashing what mine built.
and that's're responsible for your actions.

as for one liners...
suppose I got as much response for a one liner as I got for a long essay
which better utilizes my time?


See my minimalist comment in reply to the original post. I say a great deal to simplify things. You are OG, have all my respect. Please continue to earn it...

Very good. Listened to the broadcast. Want input? Where should we send it? Inquiring OG Plankton want to know.... Ah, found them... forgive me, I can be a bit slow at times:

All of the questions put forth by the creator of the above post can be found and answered at...

Sometimes less is more!