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We can do something little to change a life, to bring food on the table of the poor, widoms and orphans as well as prisoners. We shouldn't be self centred people on this platform, NO
We should do all that are needed and expected from us to help one another but it seems sometimes you need to share tears for a fellow to have sympathy because maybe that person trust has been broken before and maybe she wont let that thing to happen again, yeah I understand that point very much but firstly, TO ERR IS HUMAN therefore what takes us so long for us to help, assist, give a helping hand to the orphans, poors, widows and prisoners .

Lets be proud of ourselves for helping each other as fellow relatives and a big family with smiles

Support @ecodesigns
By supporting @ecodesigns, you are contributing to reducing female youth unemployment and poverty, promoting women empowerment and entrepreneurship, improving the health and wellbeing of orphans, prisoners and poor people who can’t afford quality garments, as well as contributing to fight textile waste pollution and climate change. You can support @ecodesigns by;

  1. Delegating @ecodesigns Steem power. We appreciate any amount of SP Delegation.
  2. Upvoting @ecodesigns Posts
  3. Donating @ecodesigns Steem or Steem Dollars
  4. Follow, Comment and Resteem @ecodesigns posts
  5. Organizing a charity fundraising or Sewing Machines drive for @ecodesigns

To err is human, let support @ecodesign

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Hello, do you have any social media on which we can talk for example facebook?


Yeah send me your name and i will back to your