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I used my fone LG D500

As the sun rises in the east to mark a new day of our lives also makes new hustling as we try to make progress for ourselves in life, in fact it wasn't easy for me as I stepped foots in the Northern region now Northeast east region dues to the creation of new regions. To start with, I was working with new Chinese established plywood company by name Ocean Wood Company Limited as a matter of fact things were very hard over, these things I'm talking about were rules and regulations governing such companies of which these Chinese people decided not to pay heed to rules and regulations and were giving us bad treatment because the new order of the day in Ghana as they say CORRUPTION by our leaders therefore these Chinese people decided to do all that they want to the workers. As for me, I tried my best to survive with them, because it's better to earn something small at the end of the month than to sit in the house idle waiting for mummy and daddy to feed you always. I worked in this Chinese company for some couple of months and I contacted one of my pals who introduced me to his Uncle who said to me that, he's in certain a job which he thinks it's better for me if I join him and frankly speaking he gave me all the terms and conditions as well as how much I will gain in the end of which upon analysis and comparison with the Chinese own, I thought this new job will be better therefore I informed the Chinese that I want to quit with them and they agreed with sensible reason I gave them as to quit. They gave me the amount of money of days I have worked for. I joined this new job which landed me on the land of the Northeast I'm talking about. As a matter of fact things were easy because these people have different norms, custom, history, culture, language and tradition, things were new, the food they eat, their music, their dance in fact everything was new and different, at first I wish I hadn't come here but upon an advice of a mutual pal @jacksonoskele who said to me that you just watched Vikings and you saw Rollo what happened to him and he continued and said to me that as Rollo joined the French people, it was not easy for me and he added especially their language of communication but Rollo managed to stay and be great, upon this advice I pay heed to him to stay in the Northeast i which they witnessin the dry season so things were very hard. We start the journey so well, this was about medication of piles to the Northeast, things were moving on smoothly for about three(3) weeks and our landlord decided to sack us before we told him we will stay for a two weeks and its past two weeks without us uttering a word to him, this made us moved from our settlement town Bunkpurugu yunyoo to one of it's villages name Kambagu, we did marketing for one week and to testify to the truth it wasn't easy even for a minute, toiling under this hot and scorch Sun, from Kambagu we walked two(2) miles to a different village named Gbakoni and returned home in the night. And continued again from Kambagu to Gbudark which is three(3) miles journey that's Kambagu to Gbakoni is two(2) miles and from Gbakoni to Gbudark is 1 mile that's three(3) miles in all. From those villages our to another one named Kambatiak, when I came to Kambatiak I was a little familiar with their foods, norms, culture, language and tradition. We stayed for six(6) days toiling each and everyday under the sun marketing as well as see different things and sicknesses, diseases and many more. Each and everyday the hustling and toiling become tedious and hard of which I have decided not to give attention to it as we continued to Najong number 1 and 2.

Scorn to all vikings lovers, thats local drink by name pito

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