Witness Votes

3년 전

I am updating my witness votes and selecting the 30 active witnesses on the list below, starting with @blocktrades.



Ideally, these witnesses should be running 0.22.4444 but not all are as yet.

There could well be another fork incoming, change your votes and hold onto your hats.

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Hopefully things will settle down and look better tomorrow, not likely but there is always hope. A war was started:

Economic sanctions rarely work, quite often they lead to war and devastation.

That was part of a reply I made on a post. (https://steempeak.com/@bashadow/re-softfork222-q66rkx)

From @smooth in partial reply:

IMO, if someone doesn't like the way the witnesses chosen by stakeholders do their job, then the best recourse is to vote in new ones, and if you don't like DPoS where stakeholders choose witnesses, choose another blockchain.

It seems that Justin Sun did just that, Increased his stake, and put in witnesses he wanted. Of course through this whole mess people kept saying it could not be done, he found a way to do it. Was it a legal way or not, does not matter, he did what a lot kept saying could not be done, he put his witnesses in place. There were a lot of statements to the effect the "ball is now in Justin Suns hands" looks like he not only took his ball home, he took the bat, and home plate with him.



Yup, that's about all i got today.


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I have updated mine also.

I have updated my witness vote too Just hope for good news, then :)


There will be news I am sure of that part!

Color me confused. Which version is 4444?



I think it's one that needed to go in for the 'old' witnesses to process blocks without blindly running 0.22.5

I am working on updating my witness votes now. Hold on to your hats, indeed.

what do you mean "the 30 active witnesses on the list below"? There are way more than 30. Do you mean you have selected everyone on the list from blocktrades down until you hit a total of 30?


Yes :)

Sorry, I'm tired - been listening into PAL for 6 hours or so.


Blimey. Is that still going on? 😱


Yes, developments are taking place :)


Interesting. I shall look forward to hearing all about it but, for now, I'm off to bed . . .


A good call, night night


falls down laughing
6 hours? omg.

I've changed quite a few votes. Keeping some lower ones. Interested to see what happens!


I think it might be an all-nighter - not for me though, bedtime!

Good on you, let's see :)

I’ve updated a couple of mine. I changed a couple the other day. I’m keeping a couple lower votes.

Time for some beers.


Cool. I'll switch them up again in the future I'm sure.

My voting criteria is any witness that did not install 2.22 due to their display of naiveté. The following witness which did not run 2.22 already had my support:


After dropping support from all those who installed 2.22 the following witnesses have received one of the freed votes:



That’s highly appreciated

While I disagreed with the decision to soft fork, I am still going to support the witnesses for this as much as I can.

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Thanks for this, Asher. I have just woken up and have a little more hope that sanity will prevail than I did when I went to bed.

I trust your judgement. For the time being, I have set you as my proxy and I'll go back to voting for my own choices once everything washes out


Ok cheers, sounds like a plan - hopefully we’ll have somewhere to place those votes..