Daily Flag Report (2018-04-10)

3년 전


The accounts below have been flagged for spamming, scamming, or other shameful behavior.

Total amount of rewards returned to the reward pool in the past 24 hours by @abusereports:



AuthorPostsCommentsTotal Removed

Note: The kitten commenters have been removed from the flag bot.

Current Account Flag List:

@carlsmith #photo spammer
@faerees #photo spammer
@antoniahenry #photo spammer
@jodystewart #photo spammer
@socorro #photo spammer
@samshepherd #photo spammer
@danpilkington #photo spammer
@phenombot #comment spammer
@kiranmaidurga #comment spammer
@foodandtravell #comment spammer
@gaman #comment spammer
@newsteemians #comment spammer
@neilpatel #photo spammer
@morganbarnett #photo spammer
@arthurbruce #photo spammer
@ciarahamilton #photo spammer
@luciusshah #photo spammer

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Thanks for removing the kitten from the flag-list!

Retracting the flags would be awesome, but if it's a manual process that hinders progress on the front of fighting actual abusers, that's a sacrifice I'll happily make!


Upon closer inspection:

Total amount of rewards [potentially] returned to the reward pool in the past 24 hours:

This calculation seems based on all the down-votes "potential" negative rewards impact. In the case of @cuddlekitten far less than $7.4 have actually been removed. As a matter of fact, less than $1 has been returned from the kitten's rewards.

85 comments have received 42 upvotes from various users in the community - that said, it also shows the kitten isn't received as spam by too many!

  • the average upvote size was 4,745,035,349 RShares (~$0.014)
  • total open rewards were ~$0.572

which has been downvoted like so:

  • each comment was flagged with ~25,000,000,000 negative Rshares (~$0.075)
  • total potential impact -$6.459

This analysis is only based on the stats of @cuddlekitten. In the case of other accounts being flagged like the @newsteemians example where each individual flagged comment had a $0.70 pseudo-self-vote by @gaman the numbers in the OP are quite accurate!

Kudos on that one!!


A helpful bot that brings smiles to the userbase (especially with a living breathing human interactive admin) is not a burden but a contribution in itself (spiritually and technologically) worth payout. I don't understand the logic behind some of the crusades. It's like, attack first, apologize later? I appreciate the idea of reducing phishing links but if an automated message contains no link or the word dot, it should not be a priority in the first place imo. Why is the number of comments more important that the quality of comments? It took an hour and a half for a phishing link to get downvoted on my page but we're downvoting kittens and foreign speakers who write short sentences. Smh lol omg


I guess our overlords would call it "collateral damage" ;)

While I also do appreciate the initiatives around "cleaning" steemit from abuse like reward-farming, scams and phishing... the self-proclaimed warriors-for-good around here are too often found on the bordlerlines of becoming abusive themselves...

ah well... we're all just people with egos and a limited attention span after all ;)


My comment became too long a rant.

I speak often about authoritarianism and well-intended overstepping of boundaries. lol. I've really been trying to remain objective about these things. I know there's a move to help the people here who are not technically savvy.

I deeply support the efforts of all the people taking their time and voting power to keep us safe from phishing and viruses. But I'm not too sure how I feel about a select group of self-appointed persons classifying benign bloat as an attack or harmful. Blockchains get bigger. It is what it is.

At some point these non-savvy users need to learn blockchain.

Mob rule is still rule and I have no reason to believe that if these were not in the shoes of the Money rule that they'd act any differently.

My opinion: Steem has a lot of humanity: ie. self-defeating behaviors

Now, I will never consider anyone an overlord lol. A few of my $ friends would have this whole place back to the drawing board.

My friend and I the other day got a bot alert slapped on our posts that got Curied because the payout was over $50 and it upvoted itself 65 cents to boot.

Forethought --- before wasting other people's lives with crusades. Throwing out the babies with the bathwater here.

The internet was a trashheap in the early 2000's also. But we didn't approach it by DoS attacking every server we thought wasn't helping the whole internet. No. We made browsers that ignored what we didn't like to see.

The real internet is still down there lol.

Unfortunately or fortunately, Steemit is Steems TORand and it's not dark... and its monetized...smh lolololol

Why can't Condenser be upgraded to just let users personally hide what they don't want to see, or flag genuine abuse, without wasting a downvote, and let nature take its course. People won't vote on what they choose not to look at.

It's Ajax. How hard is it?

Okay I don't want to start ranting. Back to my emoji and pizza.


So you are the genious behind cuddlekitten ? 😺😺😺😸😸😸😸😸😸😼😼😼😽😽😽😽


heh... lol... yeah... I'm the "evil mastermind" that tries to put cuddles and cuteness into cans...

I’ll also add my appreciation of @cuddlekitten ‘s removal. Yes, I can see why there might be a concern. But in the end, that kitten brings smiles with the cute arty appearances and upvotes. I’ll gratefully take that over no love at all. :)


I totally agree! I also appreciate @cuddlekitten and the sweet kitten art <3 Brings smiles and positivity and support with upvotes, resteems and comments ^•.•^

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I had to come look at this page because someone that just commented on my recent post was flagged. @gaman is the name. I am now following your page and thank you for keeping an eye open for folks that may try to take advantage of me.

i didnt do anything wrong and this guy flagged me , guess hes jealous of my race car i hand built and posted , i havent posted content in a month

  ·  3년 전

I don't think the flag was for you, but rather the commentee. I just got the same response, or my "commentee" did. I do suggest this user/bot open his/her/it's reply to the individual he/she/it is targeting.

Confused me.


Learn to use Steemit, it's replying to the correct comment that is being flagged.

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