Provably Fair Dice Game On The Steemit Blockchain MagicDice

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Magic Dice - Provably Fair Dice Game On Steemit With Profit Sharing


Magic Dice is a provably fair decentralized application on the Steemit blockchain. The house edge is 2% and they have their own platform token that you earn just for playing on their dapp !

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The magic token is awarded to people wagering on the site, Being a token holders will allow you to earn profits from all of the people winning and losing while playing dice. You can mine the Magic token here

How to play Magic Dice

First you will need to go here

  1. Make sure that your Steem account has sufficient resources (Resource Credits go up when STEEM is powered up) and funds (at least 0.1 STEEM/SBD) to play the game.

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  1. Adjust the slider for a desirable number to roll (This will also change payout and chance to win).

    download (3).png

  2. Click on the 'Under' or 'Over' button to switch the range for the dice roll.

  3. Click on 'Roll Dice' to play the game.

    download (4).png

  4. If the dice roll is in your predicted range, you will receive the payout.

    download (5).png

  5. You will receive your payout after a 3 second delay directly to your account.

All the results are provably fair and transparent. For more information go here

If you have any questions, you can join the Discord channel for help

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