The Reddit-Steem Gateway and Giveaway!

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Hey everyone!

I am glad to announce that we have been renovating the Steem subreddit over the past weeks and the feedback has been quite positive so far!

We decided to start these changes to turn the subreddit from a billboard of post promotion into a gateway to Steem for the millions of users that Reddit has. We believe that we can turn the subreddit into a place to spread information about our platform and to help any curious redditors get on board and learn about what makes Steem great! The change has also improved the discussions in the comment section by a lot so far and even raised general activity and "reddit upvotes" on self posts.

This is what we have done so far to achieve these goals:

  • A new moderation team has been recruited.
  • Weekly post promotion thread where users can share their contests to get attention and new entries. We believe this will be an amazing way to attract new users into Steem who happen to look at the subreddit.
  • Bi-Weekly post promotion thread, here you can share your latest blog post for more attention! Users who comply to the rules will be rewarded
  • A brand new set of rules to encourage good behavior, including a change to make the subreddit text only to discourage link dropping and encourage more conversations about Steem and leaving the space open for questions by newcomers.

We believe having a page for Steem on reddit can be advantageous for us in growing our user base, especially with the upcoming Hardfork 20 update that will streamline the process of account creation for everyone, opening the floodgates for everyone that wants a Steem account!

To encourage all Steemians to participate in the subreddit and increase its activity and bring life to our reddit embassy a contest will be run with 100 Steem up for grabs for the participants!

By focusing the post promotion into one thread this means it will also be easier for curators to find your posts than them being scattered all over the subreddit.

The rewards will be distributed between everyone that abides by the rules by sharing a post on the Post Promotion stickies. Make sure to flair your Steem account on the right panel so that we know who are you in case you have a different username over there!

Lets show redditors how cool Steemians are by giving them a good look at our platform from there and encouraging them to sign up!

This contest will last for the current Post Promotion thread (August 11th) and the next two!

You can find the rules in the current Post Promotion thread.

Now go and visit the subreddit and make sure to subscribe!

We have received over 250 subscribers since the last post about the subreddit! Let's grow it even more during this bear market. :)

You can also get a small upvote from me by subscribing and writing down which subscription number you were or pasting a screenshot here in the comment section! :)

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Terrific idea @acidyo.

This is something that I need to consider giving my time to. Reddit is certainly a sensible gateway to STEEM and should really be targeted. I like the idea of changing things up so it isnt place where people basically spam their content. STEEM needs to put a good foot forward.

So many projects where to spend the time. LOL

Thanks for all your work on this end....with HF20, Reddit could be a great feed in.


Glad to you.. Done sobscribed


Finally going public! Glad to be on the team helping out! Hopefully this encourages a lot of activity and helps us gain traction in Reddit!

Done :D Will check it now ;-)


u/roflkitten is on board!


woop woop thanks acid


I can't believe that I didn't follow the sub since. Anyway, better now than never.



Uncle boss 😁

Yes, you convinced me to create a redit account, and to subscribe. Will definitely spend some time to explore it.

Done :)


Hi @acidyo i think this is a reallly great idea to bring attention to steemit!

Reddit have a Big community that could be really great if they come to steemit!

i suscribed and also commented on reddit, 100% support


@acidyo i just also resteemed this post for exposition and publicity <3

I was 7,403 subscriber I think or maybe one or two before.


Subscribed. Would love to see this go viral

Like this?

Great that you managed to upgrade steemit subreddit! Spread out the word yo!

I'm not sure if they've already answered the question in another comment because there are so many, but they'll only accept articles in English? In my Arepa Digital Account I sometimes post articles in English, but the vast majority are in Spanish.

BTW cryptokrono.jpg


Only english for now, sorry. Maybe in the near future. :)

This is a great effort and I'm going to repeat here that I am happy to help use Reddit to bring more people to Steem.

Thanks for taking the lead on this!

Urrrgh...I am not a reddit fan, I just never got it. I only go there with an alt account to meet weird people!

But I will try to get it in the next fortnight because it’s obviously something you value. Will figure out what these rules are and what I need to do.

feeling already confused

I have visited that reddit steemit thing in the past. So I’m already subscribed to something...

Good idea @acidyo. Here is my screenshot.

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 6.18.38 AM.png

Awesome promo job @acidyo! You should use #promo-steem as tag! I hope the other promoters will see this :)


Oh yeah, will do so in the next reddit posts, feel free to resteem. :P

This is really a good way of promoting steem

Done subscribing...

I'm probably doing this wrong that would be typical serena of me. But I think I am subscribed as number 7372-ish. I've avoided reddit forever because I thought it was stupid and have now joined just for you. First time for everything I guess. Thanks for doing something cool. I'll try to figure out everything else I'm supposed to do.


Screenshot (75).png

Beautiful idea, @acidyo. Steemit has done well in rewarding users over the years. Building its network strength with good hands is the least we can do in return.

Done subscribing...




Helo @nathanmars , it's really nice seeing you here in this thread. Thanks for subscribing. :-)


Make sure to subscribe to the subreddit too. :)



  ·  2년 전

Good friend, I'm very happy for steemit, it's a good idea to advertise through reddit, I think that's how many more people will come together

I think it's a great idea ever since you announce the subreddit cleaning campaign, subscribed although I have near to 0 karma lol.
Hopefully it can put steem in good hands again.

THank you👍woh it is great we getting bigger. I don't know that steemit have subreditt.👍😀😀


i just recently signed up on reddit and i guess this is a good reason to be active. will lurk around there soon :D

Sounds awesome @acidyo. Count me in to get involved with this at Redditt. Never got involved there before but now is as good as time as ever :)

Exciting things happening here at Steemit ;)


Try and browse it every now and then and see if there is anything you can help anyone with, we will gradually grow the moderation team when needed. :)


Just went and signed up under robertandrew1. And did a post promotion. I will definitely browse and see if I can help anyone and also make some quality Comments everyday there.

Good stuff going on, thnx again !!


P.S. also just published a Post on your Post, @acidyo. To get the word out and I will use Hottopic to Resteem it . thanks. This really sounds good !

====> My Post

P.P.S. Resteemed your Post as well just now

What a better way to promote steemit on a platform like subreddit. This is really cool and I am gonna subscribe to this. I will also resteem this post so that my followers can subscribe also.

Let's take steem viral... We going global.

Done! I didn't even know Steemit had a subreddit lol and im like on tons of crypto subreddits

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 15.09.05.png

Very nice.
I am a great fan Of reddit so huge platform of information.

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Good idea - such a co-ordinated marketing will give STEEM the real attention it needs. Along the same lines, I came across an email about a linkedin like site dock going to use Etherium for the project and I was thinking we should actually talk to them about using STEEM and SMT instead ...

Finally! I've been complaining about the terrible state of the subReddit for a long time. We definitely need more curation and less spamming and more conversation about the platform. The spamminess of the subReddit really helped to make Steem itself look less legitimate.

It is really good idea and steemit has one more alliance to increase the power of steemit community and it SBD and Steem @acidyo

did the subscription part.

Hope this will work.





Done! I didn't even know there was a Steemit thread. This is awesome!







Cool! I love Reddit~

I'm invested in Steem so anything that will support a good PR I'm all for it.

I can't believe this is the trigger for me to create a Reddit account.

Done and Subscribed. Don't know where to get the sub # so just the screnshot. Btw are you a witness? Will check, if you are, you have my entire family's vote.

Already subscribed. Looking forward to promoting Steem so we can get more stakeholders!




One more thing, @acidyo: I think the link to steemit wiki should point to our that is the result of the collective work of the steemians ... What do you think?

Owh yes ..
Here my appreciation

Hey! I am 7476 steemian! :)
Thank you for your work, @acidyo!

i am done it,
i am started using it few days ago Screenshot_20180814-205257.png

Once I went with pubic styling I never went back... you guys all need a merkin.

towww, thats a great news. Like this post from @mawahab

ICaptura de pantalla 2018-08-14 a la(s) 3.33.44 p. m..png I'm glad reddit presence is growing since I came from there

great, i think there same should be same option between steem and facebook , when we share any post from steem in facebook there facebook user just show this post but they can't like this.

Finally people get motivate to earn some extra income. This is great idea to help steemers to be active on this platform

  ·  2년 전

This is a cool promotion! As a regular reddit user I'm looking forward seeing the new thread.


This is something to motivate people to earn some extra income
Hope fully this helps steemers to be a tive on this platform

Am still new here but for real i someone somehow somewhere told me about this platform long ago but then no time is too late. Thank God am here now

Great work!!!

Excellent project! I hope this community grows every day more!

Done I looked for that

I was subscriber #7423.



Done, check it now @acidyo


Looks fantastic :D
Not sure why I wasn't subscribed already tbh! :|


I just subscribed. 😘👌

#7,422 has joined the reddit :)

Let's take advantage of this bear market \0/ <3

Here is mine. Please check. Thanks so much.

  ·  2년 전

Steem subreddit great idea.
I gotta subscribe and resteem this.

u/N000000000/ is on board. How do i edit my flair?

Sounds good, thanks @acidyo and done.


thanks for hard work

Hello how are you ? , I think it's a good idea to draw attention to Steemit.

Reddit has a great community that could be really good and great if they get to Steemit! @acidyo

Thanks! A great move, following.

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 4.15.28 AM.jpg

You rock


i am proud side steemit👍👍

Finally. Great job guys. I normally check reddit pages quite often for all the crypto I have invested in. When I checked Steemit back half a year ago it was only full of spam and nonsense post. Cleaning it up and make it now more vivid with a moderation team is a great step forward! Thanks!

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Have not been reddit for a while.
I like taking pictures of tree but have not done so much lately.
Blame it on the classes I'm taking at night.
Last weekend, I manage some time to go to Gardens by the Bay to watch and Airshow and took this.

[📷🌳#TreeTuesday-Standing out | 树木星期二-站出来 (by @ace108)](

Already subscribed @acidyo

This is good promotion for Reditt , from the time I have joined this platform this is the first combination and I am sure this should be successful

It means that basically will be dedicated to talk about Steem and make the experience of new users a little easier with all the information and questions that will be handled, is a very interesting project!

I have just joined Steemit and I'm very glad to see this thread, going to reddit and completed to subscribe your reddit with the same username here

Is it only regarding the Steemit interface or does it deal with all things Steem?

If so then it's a confusing sub-reddit. However it's understandable as well because I think every user was initially confused about the difference and thought they were publishing to steemit and being paid by steemit which it's actually steem that we are all using. I'm guessing you probably don't have the ability to change it after the fact. Oh well. Maybe change the branding to make people know it deals with more than the steemit interface. (Unless its only for you guys that still use that website)



Buena noticia para los usuarios de Steemit @acidyo

Getting out there and promoting Steem and Steem content on other platforms such as Reddit is important. We need to reach as many people as possible as well as try and capture a diverse audience. Good work @acidyo.

We should be doing the same on other social media such as Facebook and even LinkedIn.

Better luck this time!

Wow! Very interesting.! So reasonable to subscribe..:)

  ·  2년 전

For some reason I thought Steem was already present on reddit. I’ll try to remember to subscribe and check it out when I’m home.

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Just subscribed and commented here:

I am posting #ulog links here:

New fan here! This excites me!

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Great idea! I had a very similar idea to you a while ago, but just didn't have the push, power nor time to pursue it. I actually created a subreddit for Steem, but it has 0 everything haha. Here's a link to my post about it!

Waao it is very gud idea..
Its will definitely work

@acidyo great idea to motivate others to bring them on platform and let them realise wat they were missing for so long.....

I am sharing screenshot as subscription no is difficult to get in such a long list....wait for it to become a huge success and waiting for my upote share.....thanx


i am new here on steemit but still consider myself in early birds...hopefully i will gain a lot because steemit will go long way...still early days only...and this Reddit in one of those steps to spread....i wish good luck for steem success..

Brother's excellent post, always brother's success

Is the article on reddit English only?

I just subscribed.

  ·  2년 전

Subscribed :), I was number 7472.

We believe that we can turn the subreddit into a place to spread information about our platform and to help any curious redditors get on board and learn about what makes Steem great

I think this is extremely important, back in May-June of last year, when I was learning about Ethereum and other cryptos, reddit was one of the main places that I visited to read all the discussions about the platform.

Making the steem subreddit a place to discuss about steem is much better than simple a place to link drop. Also, in the subreddit netneutrality, a few weeks ago my steemit link was considered spam because a moderator thought steemit was a spamming circle or something like that, and I was just sharing an article that was related to net neutrality.


followvme for airdrp & crypto ews

Thank you for this opportunity :D


I would be more fun if Reddit users choose to make "channel" on steem :)

done :)

Subscribed! Now I have to figure out how to use reddit 😂 - off to read the rules.


Your username is:


Visit this link to verify your email address:

Please do not reply to this notification, this inbox is not monitored.

If you are having a problem with your account, please email

Thanks for using the site!

already subscribed to reddit

it was awesome when steemit fall in love with reddit, soon reddit will give their whole world for steemit, haha

This is really good so I Just signed up and subscribed.


Great news, thanks for sharing!

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This is my first Steem reply but glad to be onboard!


I'm gonna do it straightaway.

Good idea and nice post, I like it thank you.

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Looking forward to discovering the reddit steem channel

I think this is great! Maybe finally my bro will get on here! He could be convinced by redditors lol

Thank you for this, have subscribed :)

Just joined the channel :)

And created my first comment in the promotion thread.

Done sobscribed...

Thank you!

Mother Liberty.

Hi, I upvoted your post.

Please check my profile and also upvote any posts you like.

Thank you!

Mother Liberty.

I am there too