The STEEM Fantasy Leagues are officially over

11개월 전

After a long and exciting season they all came to an end after this weekend. I wanted to write a short post about the results, the top 10 managers that will share the prize pool and future plans for the leagues.

Unfortunately, much like the rest of the Steem platform and other cryptocurrencies during this harsh bear market, some of the authors left and it was difficult to find a replacement that were able to write reviews and overviews in both english and the native language of the league. Thus the Spanish and German leagues were cut short and their prize pool won't be as big as the Premier League one, luckily the latter was the most exciting and the end results looked like this:


Congratulations to the top managers of the league with 246 managers in it, it was quite exciting throughout all and even had a few rank changes in the last gameweek in the top 10, hopefully next season will have even more managers fighting for the title!

The spanish league was also very tight, especially between rank 1 and 2, congratulations to Metalheadz who also finished 3rd in the Premier league and great job to everyone else, this is the end results:


Lastly the Bundesliga was one where Metalheadz again was superior to everyone else and this time by a long shot, congratulations again, maybe next season it won't be as easy! :)


The prize pool is now being calculated for each league, it will consist of parts of the rewards going to authors, the authors who wrote in 2 languages will receive a bigger share but the pools will be bigger for those that had more posts. An approximate shows there was at least 5,000 Steem total collected in the pool this season which is over 2,000 more than last year. Let's attempt to increase it next season even more!

We also want to thank @blocktrades for sponsoring the 2nd Steem Fantasy League season and hopefully he'll stick with us for a 3rd one as well! Make sure to thank him by voting for his witness and choosing to use his exchange which nowadays requires an account in case you aren't aware yet at Thank you!

Stay tuned for prize distribution and exact numbers soon, well played everyone! :)

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I had very high hopes of finishing inside the top 10 when the season kickstarted. I even topped the table in gameweek one. The double and blank gameweeks were a big disaster for me as all the chips i used that period killed me.

It was an interesting season. I managed to take the 20th position in the premierleague rankings. Congratulations to my bro @belemo for making the top 10 in the spanish fantasy game. And a big thanks to @blocktrades for having this contest. I hope to finish tops next season.


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What a season, this actually was my first time of participating, I won't say I did bad though. Hopefully, I'll do better next season. @blocktrades we appreciate you for sponsoring this season. @acidyo thanks for keeping us updated.

I had no chance with FPL, my position in the end was 72nd I think.
With the other two leagues I fared way better, even though I spent less time with them and considering how different they were. I mostly focused on form in the Buli and with market value on La Liga

Thank you very much @blocktrades for sponsoring this season.
From now on I will be following you

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Delighted with the top 10 finish :D

Conratulations to all the participants and thank you @acidyo for running the competitions! Looking forward to next season:)

Thanks for running the fantasy league @acidyo, it must be a bit of a nightmare, i really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun participating even doing better than expected.

Congrats to all the winners and to everyone who took part and stayed with it up until the very end. Peace.

Wow. The league results was awesome . Cant wait to join the next season. Im going to take part from Ghana


Why not! Join in and let's have great league.

I was unlucky in last two gameweeks. Finished 16th with 2233 points. Hope I get some reward too. Wasn't the reward to be distributed among top 48 teams though?


Last year, the top 10 teams got rewarded, if I remember correctly. I believe the rewards are split up the same way this year.


Last year it was top 48... range could have been bigger than top 10 t his year

hope this becomes bigger next season!

It was an unlucky finale for me. I was on course to join top 20 again this year but slipped back to oblivion. ilyastarar is my team and I'm proud of having played for the second year now. Will be there for the next league too.

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