Using Steem Dollars to get CASH from an Ordinary ATM? Yes you CAN have cash in your hands thanks to Blocktrades & Bitpay! I love buying Legal Cannabis with Steem Backed Dollars!

2년 전

Woo hoo Thanks to @blocktrades and Bitpay I can withdraw my Steem Backed Dollars as US Dollars CASH in my Hands using ANY regular old ATM no special BTC atm needed!

So I took out some Cash and bought some Cartridges from the Legal Cannabis Dispensary Harbor Collective San Diego!

Here is a nice remix from @trailofwhales of me outside Harbor Collective San Diego

Oh and I also bought some Brownie Brittle cookies and Hagen Dazs Strawberry Icecream and here I got 4 cartridges, 2 OG Kush and 2 Lemon OG

I believe the Cannabis and Cryptocurrency markets are going to converge in the outside non darknet world. A little realized fact is that Cannabis is the #1 drug being bought and sold on the Darknet Markets which have always been using crypto so in reality crypto has been used to illegally purchase cannabis for many years! Now we can use cryptocurrency in Lega Cannabis Industry like steem with no history of use on darknets, and that is a big deal for people! Steem is clean and hasn't been tainted by the darknet markets!

I am very happy with my cannabis cartridges and hope to get weedmaps to have steemconnect integration, Below is my composition in MSpaint explaining what we could have with weedmaps nd steemconnect. We could have SO many cool features if we just used steem to fund pro cannabis political campaigns and we could even help fund the legalkization of cannabis in more states where it still is not legal yet! Here in California we are blessed with sanity and we do not arrest poeople for a plant anymore. I feel bad for anyone living in areas where Cannabis is still illegal, because the tax money the legal cannbabis raises funds so much good so many schools are funded with the money for example, imagine what cannabis tax money can bring for poor areas of the world!

So yes I believe steemconnect can have weedmaps integration and this will allow us to really allow for cannabis dispensaries to accept Stem/SBD as their BACKBONE financial tool of CHOICE to send money BETWEEN suppliers, employees, customers, I mean Steem/SBD could become the monetary tool of CHOICE for dispensaries! Imagine if they had a special front end app that allowed people to make posts ABOUT their cannabis products from the dispensaries so they could earn Steem Dollars on their posts to buy MORE cannabis with AND promote the dispensary products on social media!

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So. Freaking. Envious. Right now. lol

I haven't had any dabs in nearly 2 years since leaving the USA :(

Cool post, thanks for sharing. I love cannabis and I couldn't think of too many better ways to spend your STEEM lol

Am glad you are using your steem dollar earnings to buy what you love, learning from you how you withdraw your steem earning into fiat currency is really inspiring and cool

wow 60 💰 Dollars withdraw form atm 🏧

Looks great and its seeing too much sweetness my friend 🐶


Very interesting I agree

You should maybe consider contacting dispensaries and work something out, make even more cash on the side.

Steem will always neat and won't ever be tainted
Maybe they would heed your words if you talk to the cannabis distributors and make them come and you would become a Hero

nice one, how do I register

· may be for USA and western nations only, butfor outside the USA there is the Monaco card etc

if you are in Ghana you can just use @yensesa by @blackman


Am in Nigeria

Good stuff, keep it up. Can't wait till steem is more mainstream to use it as payment directly. Transactions are so fast on here that I could seriously see it being used at coffee shops. Hell if i started one, steem would be the only crypto I accept for now.

This is really awesome. This could certainly make Steemit more attractive to many people who aren't on the platform. Lovin it :-)


Oh, it turns out I cannot sign up for Bitpay in my country :-(


Try the Monaco card or just look up crypotocurrency or Bitcoin cards in your country

do you have a link for that card? I want one soon...

How much do you withdraw per week?

Whats up @ackza Question: How did you get the email address and business card?

Wow, If steem can become a monetary tool for dispensaries, it would really be nice. Kudos to blocktrades

congratulation @ackza for getting cash. i think it is for not fro.

Using Steem Dollars to get CASH fro Ordinary ATM?


oops from :D

Great Job, sir. The crypto really making a mark in both offline and online trade.

Happy for you you are getting cannabis using steem keep it up God bless you by the way you are handsome looking smart nice pictures you have

Have a nice Day!!!@ackza

Bitpay and Blocktrades are keeping a awesome role on cash out,,This is a good deal

Harvor collective Canabias!!!!
Drug is injurious to health...

Very interesting I agree this luck of the big whale received 60 Dollar pull from atm. Looks great for my little whale

That's a another review on cash out on using Bitpay and Blocktrades,,
Buying Canabias on own money is so enjoyable,,Thanks for sharing

Awesome news!!!I like this..Thanks for sharing @upvoted

yeah,,That's a good news!!!
I searched it up,,Thanks for sharing