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The purpose of this account, a partnership between @ADSactly and @whatsup, is the curation of posts and projects that benefit the Steem Community.

This account curates Community Success Stories, Engaging Posts and Supports others who do the same.

While we might curate Introduction posts that isn't the focus on this account, we believe established accounts with strong Content Creators and a history of engagement and curation are some of our best-spent votes.

Combine that with finding New Talented Artists and supporting Tribes and fighting abuse are all activities which support the value of Steem.

As part of our engagement and curation plans, we are also beginning to invest and curate in Tribes. We feel that Niche Tribes and those that could attract users who wish to discuss specific topics is a powerful Onboarding and Marketing tool.

We continue to ad tokens via, purchasing on the market, partnering deals, curation and a few miners! We want the ADSup vote to be an honor and highly sought after.

Here is the diversity of our first full month in operation!

We've supported Steem Content Powerhouses like:


Engagement Experts:


Free Press:




In total the account voted for 270 unique accounts in the past 30 days!

We have both upvote and downvote suggestions on the SteemChat Server


@adsup, written by @whatsup

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Pretty nice, I just hope that many big account holders would follow your endeavors to encourage many content creators especially the best ones in steem communities and tribes @adsup :D

Thanks for spreading positivity of gloomy times. A lot of people are feeling down about Steem, but it's about people as much as money. Thanks for the mention and have a !BEER

@adsup, This sounds really effective steps team and definitely ADSUP VOTE should support to Value. Keep up the good work team.

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Appreciate your efforts; but the air's out.

Especially because of these bullies with a big stake.


You’re spreading that vote out quite nicely 😎

I have a appreciated the fresh sense of new upvotes so thanks for the efforts for those of us that continue to share content to foster engagement!

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🤔 you get a discord.....😏 I missed on it

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