Blurry Future??


I see some big accounts here on Steemit are posting stuff and collecting Steem/SBD. But I think nobody is serious in promoting Steem on other platforms, a few might be but I think they are not enough.

I don't see any efforts from Steem management in promoting it. The question is, how come can we get more audience? I have been thinking this for some time and this is kind of demotivating for me.
I don't see any future plans, goals etc.

Do we have any solid thing which can make us think good about the future of Steem?

I personally am not able to see.

I came here watching @jerrybanfied videos on Facebook. I liked the way he was doing that promoting stuff. But look what we did to him (I don't know the reason behind all that hate but we should have supported him in promoting Steem).


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