Why is cryptocurrency such an attractive investment?

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If you're over 40, chances are you don't think cryptocurrency as attractive or even a safe investment according to some studies, (perhaps Steemians are the exception that proves the rule!).

Those that can claim to be of the 'Millennial' generation feel that investing in the stock market is risky, intimidating and view it with more skepticism then choosing to put their money into bitcoin or cryptocurrency in general.

A 2016 study from personal-finance site Bankrate has this to say:

People between the ages the ages of 18 and 39 are less likely to invest money in the stock market than other generations, studies show. Only one in three millennials are investing in the stock market, compared to 51% of people of the following generation (36-51) and 48% of baby boomers (52-70)

But why could the crypto market be so attractive to this group of people and unattractive to another? It's the psychology that belongs to each of these groups. An article from MarketWatch puts it this way:

“Bitcoin’s anti-establishment roots and decentralised system brings with it the hope for a new economy that puts people over corporations,” she said. “This is an extremely appealing message to millennials who watched their job outlooks dwindle as the financial crisis unfolded in tandem with their first-ever entry into the job market.”

The crypto market can be described as being in its 'gestation' period and is starting to be born into its own identity, finding a place in this world with a purpose still undefined. This makes for a very interesting study

Summed up from: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/millennials-are-afraid-stocks-are-too-risky-so-theyre-investing-in-bitcoin-2018-02-06

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Yeah older people find it a bit harder to take on crypto because they hate change in general.


Probably some truth to that. But in contrast, you have the 'younger' generation not becoming involved in the traditional markets because they may feel intimidated in becoming involved with them and/or that they have lost confidence in the old narrative

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