A gentleman's guide to cryptocurrency


Good evening young fellow. It's a pleasure to have you join us for family dinner this evening as we discuss the topic of a Gentleman's guide to cryptocurrency. It would seem that you personally have become quite the expert at such things, but sadly you have many friends that aren't yet engaged with blockchain technologies. At this table we'll refer to them as "normies." This discussion is meant to foster a a second conversation with your normie friends regarding what exactly is cryptocurrency and what can it do for them.

What is a cryptocurrency?

The first question may arise "what is a cryptocurrency?" At this juncture you may be inspired to call them a flaming idiot for asking such a daft question; however, this is a gentleman's discussion and we won't descend into such tomfoolery. A cryptocurrency is an electronic currency that relies on cryptographic technique to keep them free from unwanted and untoward manipulation. A currency is hardly capable of maintaining it's value if juvenile hackers are able to alter the display of owership. As such every cryptocurrency has decided to implement elements into the program to encrypt the data in such a way that hackers would be unable to alter the data. As such crypto refers to a means of protection of data as opposed to something more insidious as some may tend to believe.

What is a blockchain?

Oooooh, an another excellent question. Aren't you astute! Well, young lady, a blockchain is a type of database. It's a public database that can store many different types of data and allow various levels of private and public access to it. Unlike a private database that allows the public to see the contents there is review by the general public regarding the data put on it. A private database would allow the owner to manipulate the data on their own. A blockchain has a protocol that makes it so many people running the same software have to agree or disagree on the current state of data. There are different ways that this functions, but essentially a blockchain stores all kinds of little bits of data in short spurts of time and people viewing the database can see when these things occured.

Some example transactions that happen in blocks on the Steem blockchain include- follows, transfers, reward redemption, posts, comments, votes, flags, steem monsters purchases, steem monsters listings, witness votes, and group hugs. Well, the last one is a lie... but I had to make sure you're paying attention.

What's the best forum to use to call this person a insert insensitive and offensive derogatory comment here?

Good sir! I dare say you're missing a critical point! Your anti-social behavior may in fact be welcome on facebook, twitter, or youtube comment sections, but I would hastily warn you that such behavior is ill advised while working here. You see here on this blockchain people are incentivized to be polite if not in fact kind towards one another. You have a reputation to uphold. You have a brand you're making for yourself. Simply running around trolling about and saying so and so should up and move to Somalia, or encouraging others to put pointy objects in their urethra is highly discouraged.

Conclusions for now

Well, I hope this brief message was helpful as you attempt to tell others of your personal journey into Steem life and cryptocurrency in general. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you find your way in peace and with the ever blowing winds of abundance at your back. If you require further assistance I encourage you to gather in the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network through an easy to remember url of minnowpond.org. There we hob nob with our chums as we discuss the triumphs and tribulations of the daily life experience.

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I remember how I was the one asking all these questions just some months ago. Thank God for steem

claro que es muy util

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Very entertaining and useful for newbies! I will book mark this for my interested friends. Thanks.