Don't be Afraid The Sun Will Shin Again

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How are you doing dear steemian ?

These days are really tough for all of us. As the price of steem sinking day by day it really hurts allot. This bear market not going to be bottom out. This bear market really getting worse. Bitcoin touch it's all time low of this year.

What's going on with crypto ?

Where is the bottom?

There are so many questions in everyone's mind .

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As the the part of steem Community we have to unite. I know this is very tough time but we have to show the power of unity. All of us know the power of steem blockchain and the potential of this blockchain. This time is taking our test so we have to prove ourselves.

This time there is only two options in everyone's mind

  • Sell
  • Hold

But I'm going with third option

  • Buy

This time steem is on sale so buy more. Because when there is up trend we can see the price of steem is 1$ so don't miss this opportunity.

Lastly I would like to say that don't be panic. Whatever is going on just hold or buy more because the dark night will over and the sun will shine again. The bear will trapped and the bull will run definitely. The steem will set it's another all time high. Be a steem Community and show the power of blockchain.

Let the people know we are steem.

Let me know your opinion in the comment section.

With Love

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I already have,hopefully we will never see prices this cheap again. Thanks mike

  ·  2년 전

Yes, always be with steem

  ·  2년 전

Yes you are right buddy the sun will shin again and we will see the hike in price.
Yes, we are steem

We have to show the power of Community. We have to hold.
Yes we are steem.

I thought about buying but I’ve seen tons of people stop posting. I heard Steemit also laid off 70% of staff. Not good.

  ·  2년 전

You heard correct this is just because of this bear market. People who left steemit either they are short term gainer or leasy. They don't want to work hard.