RE: Steemian List of Assets Stolen by Hive

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Steemian List of Assets Stolen by Hive

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It's true, I posted believing that I would be "punished" for posting a counter opinion. What happened instead is that no one really cared what I had to say, or was interested in any constructive criticism. (Who was I? What did it matter what I said? I had no power and therefore no voice.)

So, I "protest" voted for a few hours because I saw in the community chat that anyone voting Justin's witnesses was being "hunted". I hoped that doing so would finally allow me to address just a few of the issues I was experiencing here on Steem.

After a few hours, I removed my protest votes and declined to vote for anyone. (That seemed most fair to me.)

However, when I found out I was blacklisted with Hive. I re-voted all of Justin's witnesses.

My voting for less than 3 hours did not "centralize" the chain. Especially not with my tiny SP.

I am hopeful that some changes will be made so that witnesses and whales can no longer abuse the system or its members.

-I propose complete transparency.
-A code of ethics for all witnesses which they must adhere to in order to be/remain witnesses.
-An end to vote farming.
-An end to what seems to be endless"sock account" creation for the purpose of voting in witnesses, and to abuse members who speak up against anything(i.e. accounts used ONLY for downvoting and voting witnesses).
-An end to witnesses using people's delegations for a purpose they were not intended for (without their knowledge or consent).
-A safe avenue to provide constructive feedback and voice grievances without fear of backlash, blacklisting, downvote trails, bots, etc.
-A way for members to actually vote on matters.
-Possibly removing auto voting, as it was being used for vote farming (it also does not vote based on the quality of posts).
-Increasing the curation window so we can actually promote quality content (especially necessary for content-rich/longer posts)
-Not blacklisting people for "voting" for someone who may or may not be abusing the system (which is what I was blacklisted for) How can I or anyone be held responsible, and branded a criminal for the actions of someone else?
-Taking a look at the "guilty until the member advocates for their innocence system" (as in the example above).
-Professionalism, cultural sensitivity, politeness (which I witnessed a huge lack of when I appealed my blacklisting).
-And I will not condone threats, threatening people's lives, racism, or the thug mentality as I witnessed in the community chat.
-And more.

I would have voted human witnesses if I had any faith left and knew who to trust. The lack of transparency was/is a huge factor in not knowing who stands where and who can be trusted.

I can't vote for people who did/are potentially still doing the very things they claim to despise.

When I came here I had such high hopes. Perhaps, I was just very naive in my wishful thinking.
Nevertheless, I feel sad and disappointed in the entire state of affairs.

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You have many interesting points. Some of which are attainable and some sadly wont be like the concepts of professionalism, cultural sensitivity and politeness which is dependent first on people behaving like adults. There is a lot less of that bad behaviour here than on many social media sites I've been on because people risk downvoting for violating those standards. Can it be stopped? Not as long as people have the freedom to write what they wish.

The plan on HIVE at this point is to use DAO to post proposals which would determine community direction for the community to vote on. That is the same process to be used for those who wish to object/appeal the exclusion list.

Will it all be rosey? Who knows. It's people and when people gather it always depends on the good will, influence and determination of those involved how things go.


Witnesses could be, and dare I say "should" be held to standards of "professionalism, cultural sensitivity and politeness". I think this is a reasonable expectation as they are in essence representatives of the blockchain.

I think it is crucial to give the community a voice(even the little man).

The sock accounts/fake accounts would need to be dealt with before a voting system can be used. People hiding behind thousands(and thousands) of accounts because they don't want people to realize they are the same people, is also a threat to decentralization. It was one of the reasons I said that Steem was never decentralized. It only "appeared" that way.

People freaked out over Ned's (then Justin's stake) because it was all in one. How would they feel knowing how many accounts some people control? I'm guessing the same. The only difference is that it isn't/wasn't public knowledge.

Unfortunately, people take advantage of people's goodwill for their own ill-will. I sincerely wish and hope things can be different, not only here on the blockchains, but everywhere.

Can we be driven by what is good and right instead of money and power? Is it even possible? Is it within our capabilities? Gosh, as a human, I sure hope so. I sure hope so.


Yes witnesses should be holding themselves a higher standard of behaviour and I think to some extent the community has been holding them to one by not giving them the support when they step too far out of line.

Can we be driven by what is good and right instead of money and power? Is it even possible? Is it within our capabilities? Gosh, as a human, I sure hope so. I sure hope so

I would echo that hope but it seems there are always some who will be driven by their own desires even when it's not what is good or right for themselves or others. We're seeing that right now where so many will not engage with social distancing and self-isolation forcing governments to act