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What you have done to support steem prices will continue to be at the top, there are still 2 days left to determine Steem's fate to circulate in all Crypto markets. But we see that only 2% of users have given Vote in Steem. So I want to APPLY to you to come here to give a Vote :



A little review of NETCOIN :

As we have seen that NETCOIN is a Canadian Blockchain company founded by MICHAEL and DOMINIC VOGEL that supports people by buying and selling Bitcoin. Their Virtual Bitcoin ATM software provides retailers and professional individuals a method for selling Bitcoin in their stores. Their services reach more than 170,000 stores in 53 countries.

STEEM has been nominated for a free list as part of a coin recording contest: Netcoins STEEM is currently in 13th place with 30 votes - but we can work together and move this to the league table by choosing STEEM every day for the next 7 days. . So we all have many choices.

To support the price of Steem continues to be above and the results of our hard work in Steemit quite a lot. we all have to give Vote Steem in NETCOIN Crypto Exchange. When the people "Invest in Steem" both in time and money we all have an interest in STEEM that is registered in as many exchanges as possible.

And for those of you who haven't given Vote Steem in NETCOIN Crypto Exchange, let's do it now, because what we do today is very influential for the future of STEEM.

I ALSO WANT TO GIVE THE SIMPLE WAY to all steemians who have not given Vote Steem at the NETCOIN Crypto Exchange, that the first time you have to go to the Netcoins

Then, scroll down and fill in all the boxes provided on the page :


After filling in all the boxes provided above, click SIGN UP

Then, scroll down and click VOTE on the STEEM box


Then, it will appear like this :


Then, click "Send Confirmation Email"

Then, open your Email and click the link sent by "Go Netcoins"


Then, in the steem box you will see a countdown, the proof of which starts from the day you have started giving Vote Steem in the NETCOIN Crypto Exchange


Attention: For those of you who have given VOTE yesterday, just confirm with the captcha only, no need to confirm email again.

So and thank you, hopefully useful ...



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