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In NED we trust. He is our lord and savior.


Thinking about his powers makes me horny

100% non related, but anyway....

Move it one comma to the right pls. One comma to the right.


I want that Quattroporte or 991/996, no Lambo needed :D I'm a modest guy

If only, only Steemit Gods make one good marketing move

I am watching right now the chart...looks like we found the bottom, isn't it?


I'm afraid that it will keep sliding to oblivion with occasional peaks.

If you read the latest featured posts, you will see the same paradigm:

"Yo! Users! Amateurs! Go there and hunt some new users for us and we will give you 100$!
Actually, we are going to sell new accounts to those new users, so in fact, we will give you nothing"

They are also missing the chance after chance.

Engrave looks like a great product, and what support they've got - none
DrugWars - none
RT International - none
Several Insta/Youtubers who came - none

We will support some projects/ communities/ individuals no matter what and we will rely on random folks to fix the whole system for us.

I mean, we are not EOS to hire some real people:

But regular users will make a wonder :D right...


Im not expect help from communities.

Not because they are evil, just because communities works separate from each other and we lack (like absolute zero) of a global goal as STEEMIANS.

Instead of be united, support each other and have plans for the future; we are divided, nose on the books, blind at what surround us and not caring about nothing instead his own money.

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It's one thing to expect it actively, but we should take a different angle of view.

  • Daily production of Steem is in 10.000 $ range.

Question is - what should be done with that, how that should be distributed? Because more users = higher price

Steem/ we could pay 100 engineers.
Or, 10 engineers, 10 scientists, 10 photographers...
Or 100 plagiarists :D
Or 100 brothers and sisters of curators :D

The question is - what is the output?
What do we/ Steem/ Steemit get from that investment?

I'm 100% sure that it could be optimized in much better way


It is true they are doing really weird and wrong movements despite I believe we will recover the price naturally anyway while BITCOIN keeps growing...I really would like to see a marketing campaign as other projects does with less use-case

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