Crypto v. Major Stocks YTD Performance (APPL, GOOG, MSFT, FB, AMZN, BTC, ETH, & XRP)

2년 전

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In this post, I wanted to present two graphs. The first graph shows the total market capitalization of the 5 largest companies compared to BTC, ETH & XRP(demonstrating the growth potential and the relatively small market share of the largest cryptocurrencies). The second graph shows the year to date performance of each of the 5 companies and 3 cryptocurrencies (current market cap / market cap as of January 1). As demonstrated by the second graph, the top 5 stocks were significantly more stable and outperformed the crytocurrencies for a majority of the year. The recent trend, however, has seen a significant upswing in the performance of cryptocurrencies. This will be another recurring article that tracks the performance of the aforementioned cryptocurrencies.

Market Capitialization

YTD Performance


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