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Good morning fellow steemians, it is me; almost-technical. Here to bring you yet another groundbreaking technical analysis that will make you more money than you can ever spend in 100 lifetimes!

STEEM has been slowly propagating the waves making a quantum wedge pattern that has been difficult to predict. BUT TODAY I FINALLY CRACKED IT! Using my new method the patterns are so obvious it's almost-funny!

Just look at this chart!


Can you see it yet? No? Let me help you, mirroring the chart and adjusting the scale a bit we get this:


See it now?! VERY bullish movements here, in fact it is an EXACT match for the mating call of the elusive ELK BULL!


Can't believe it? Click here to listen for your self.

This is INCREDIBLE my friends! The price will hit $64 as soon as the elliot triangle finishes correcting. BUY BUY BUY BUY before it is too late!


Legal disclaimer: This is not trading advice and provided only for entertainment. I am not responsible for anything. But if you don't buy NOW you will be missing out on HUGE PROFITS!

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  ·  2년 전

Best TA I've ever seen, 100% upvoted

Lol this seems almost-familiar


haha ...yes

I think you are absolutely right, analysts predict by March that steem will grow to $ 100. Really need to buy, there is nothing to doubt. Thank you for sharing.

maybe, maybe not but am more willing to take the risk.... l buy and hold Up Steemit....

  ·  2년 전

Agree with you.

Defo a bull something or other. O wait this was 13 days ago. The bears have steemit by the neck just now. Love the video btw.

  ·  2년 전

Oh you

give me some of them ..huh lol jst try to gat some i mean it all depens on luck what you say

That's incredible! I already had my hopes and stakes on steem, I put time in the platform in order to grow bigger and have more influence because I love that platform!
but now that I see your prediction, and counting the potential I see in steem as a growing network with prizes in cash to those putting the time and brains to create quality content - I'm gonna transfer most of my digital assets to SP - I know it in't liquid but I have faith in the platform!
Thanks, Nati.

I hope you are right

almost-truth :)

I hope to get some more awesome TA like this in the future! Don't disappoint me!

it truly is splendid! I already had my hopes and stakes on steem, I positioned time in the platform so one can grow bigger and have more have an effect on due to the fact i like that platform!

OMG so many LOLZ!! 😂

I guess we should just stop developing and do predictions based on tarot cards, tea leaves, and Eliot waves.

offcourse,,thats time to buy some steem to get huge profit.