FREE SBD / Promoting Challenge #3 - ENDED

3년 전

Since STEEMIT is growing, I think its time to share STEEMIT with even more people. Without further ado Promoting Challenge #3 ...


- Post a comment in any Social media but SteemiT Of course (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and etc) comment about Steemit, Dtube, Dmania, Dsound and include a link to this post (as an invitation to participate in this challenge or Science Challenge #5 It's Your choice.)

- Then post a link to this comment as a reply to this post for a chance to WIN FREE SBD

- Follow/UpVote/Resteem

- Winners will be announced on Sunday (04/03/2018) ~12:00 UTC

►Prize Pool:

1st/2nd/3rd - Places - 0.5 SBD

4th/5th/6th/7th/8th - Places - 0.2 SBD

9th-18th Places - 0.1 SBD

Winners of previous Round

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@turksays 0.2 SBD
@omravi 0.2 SBD
@eeeps.sh7 0.1 SBD
@ihamquentin 0.2 SBD
@mydraor 0.2 SBD
@teggy 0.2 SBD
@a-0-0-0-0 0.5 SBD
@yura81 0.5 SBD
@mitchconnor 0.2 SBD
@chetan9 0.5 SBD
@lawlees 0.1 SBD

Congrats and See Ya in the Next Round!


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Mydraor Mydraor tweeted @ 25 Feb 2018 - 13:05 UTC

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I do hope win win win many SBD here, jajajjaaja

posted it in my twitter, good luck to everyone:


Kaacho_Maato Sashank tweeted @ 28 Feb 2018 - 05:18 UTC

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