Bitwala says no-one is using Steem to buy anything!

5년 전

Here is the article they've written about it:

You can use Steem to pay for pretty much anything worldwide – but nobody does!

About 3 weeks ago, we announced that we started to accept Steem for our service at Bitwala. With a little help from our partner @shapeshiftio, it is now possible to pay any bank account in the world or use a debit card funded directly through Steem. In other words: Bitwala offers the first and only Debit card that’s funded with Steem!
… but nobody is using it!

They wondered whether it was because no-one knew how to use bitwala in conjunction with steem, so their article goes on to explain what to do - please click and read it.

I wonder why lots of famous steemit travellers like @heiditravels arn't using this system? I think it's likely because they simply don't know anything about it.

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  ·  5년 전

Shapeshift makes it easy to do this with any crypto-funded card. I have a wirex card, and the web app for it has a link to set up a shapeshift exchange, I set up a transfer to the specified user with a specified memo, and 10 minutes later (or so) the wirex card has additional bitcoin balance, and then I can convert it to euros.

  ·  5년 전

To my mind Steem was invented around 6 months ago and very few noticed before July 2016.

There is basically about five people would seem to travel like heiditravels suggests she does on Steemit that i seem to have noticed. Why would people want to try and use Steem to buy anything unless it is trusted and promoted.

Sure some places take Bitcoin; but how old is Bitcoin, several years ? I wonder how many places were accepting Bitcoin about 5 or 4 months; that would be a number slightly lower than one, I think.

Steem is only one of over one thousand cryptocurrencies, I think it is safe to say cyber money has a future, how many other internet funds are actually connected to something " real " like a Social Media platform ?

Personally I like and have faith in Steem; but if I get bored I will leave and care little about what Steem is doing, but I am sure Steem does not even care if I am around; I hope Steemit cares a little : )

/ hugz ; )

  ·  5년 전

I think your promoting it now, plus I think if you want someone like heidi to notice you; you need to give her a sample to get her interest and attention : )

/ hugz ; )


I have no connection with bitwala! I was just posting this because it thought it was an interesting insight into actual use of steem.

I lol'd at your remark about samples - perhaps if the bitwala people are reading they know know what to do :-)