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The spiders, unlike other insects, only have two tagmas instead of three; head and abdomen (known as (opistosoma). A type of spider which seems to be an exception is what is known as cephalothorax which appears almost divided into two free units, except for some very primitive species of spider, unbearable abdomen. The abdomen and cephalothorax are connected by a smooth plate known as pragenital somites, a feature that justifies spiders moving their abdomen in all directions, which is actually the last segment (somites) of cephalothorax and lost to most other arachnid experts (when it can only Impressed in rank.

Spiders in the world since 110 million years ago, the result of fossil discoveries of spiders in stone in Spain, examples of fossils of the oldest spider nests ever found. Inside were 26 spider silk threads, including spider prey such as flies, langurs, beetles and stingers.


Ground dogs are animals that are rarely seen because they prefer to hide in holes and are active at night looking for food. Preferred habitats are fields and yards.

His role in human life is not very important. These animals are sometimes classified as pests because their behavior damages roots.
In East Asia these animals are sometimes fried and eaten.
for bird keepers.
Orong-orong in China make medicinal ingredients, and now the pharmaceutical properties are being studied.

Dog soil in some places is endangered due to habitat shifting and soil erosion. Extermination due to being considered a pest also disrupts his life.

Hopefully your day is fun and can be useful for you even though this is only simple knowledge.

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