Which Steem-based dapps are we missing?

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Hey all!
Recently I made a post where I've expressed my worries about the "freezed" STEEM price on bull market. And I was really surprised with some replies telling that the reason is the most of Steem witnesses' as well as Steem Inc.'s low contribution, which leads to a lower community and new businesses interest.

It was disappointing, since I really like this platform and always thought it's gonna have a great future and I still think so.
And being a developer I've decided to try to contribute to Steem community in some way, by creating some interesting app which will help our network to grow.

So I hope the community will help me with some ideas or suggestions :)

The question is which dapps would are we missing on steem blockchain, which could help us to grow?
For example do we have "Instagram" or "Quora" alternatives here?

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100 percent!! Need a credit service. Your post prompted me to prepare an article, however, in Russian (I don’t know English, I use an automatic translator). Steemit needs credit services !!!
jacksonchakma says right.


Small personal loan daap is missing...

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We have IG. Not sure about Quora. I think a few tried.


I've tried to find IG but couldn't, can you share a link, please?


Quora = musing.io
IG = steepshot.io


Cool, thanks.
Will take a look to both))

I personally feel the thing that were missing is a streamlined onboarding system that slowly warms up people to our system. Dropping someone in fresh off the boat, they have no resource credits, they don't even know what resource credits are, All they want to do is post stuff and earn money, or just post things...

Perhaps it's something like a curated getting into steem app that opens up more the program as people start moving through it. Slowly introducing the idea of resource credits, steem, steem power, sbd, posting liking, steem peak and more.

There a lot of great applications being built let's try to work on the onboarding process. :D

may be a StackOverflow xD


Sound great, thanks for idea!

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Why do we have alternatives in other words copies?
Developers develop. Copiers copy. If we are just copying then how about an app that pays for playing games, viewing adds, doing surveys etc that actually pays and is worth it unlike all the ones which are available just an idea

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I think the main purpose of steem is to get rid of ads)))
What about coping, it's easier to copy a successful business and bring it to blockchain rather than think a new one. But if you have a good idea, feel free to share))

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I understand. Advertising is the only way to generate money into the platform. Partiko are doing limited amount which is cool. The community has to generate the interest and money. Developers of steemit ain't interested they too busy making new projects and spending there money

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